describe how care workers should interact with individuals in a way that respects their beliefs, culture, values and preferences

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    Simple, keep your opinions to yourself and your mouth shut. Keep an opened mind........

    Your job is to provide care.  You do so by honoring the wishes of the one entrusted to your care, and ask when you aren't sure.  You can start by asking the one(s) who hire you what special things you need to know to best provide care to your charge, and you can ask if there are any cultural, ethnic, religious, or personal things which are important to be observed.  This shows you recognize the importance of the patient being comfortable and able to trust you not to compromise them in any way. 

    If your charge is capable of giving you additional information, you can ask what they prefer to eat, how comfortable (s)he is with the personal hygiene care you will provide, and "Is there anything else you would like me to know so that our relationship will be comfortable for you?"

    Respect their beliefs,,do not get into a conversation about their beliefs unless they bring it up first,,a two way conversation about culture should be fine,,although some cultures could be breaking the law of country..values should be a two way conversation,,Preferences ??tread careful..preferences may be discussed providing they are willing and they are legal..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<< 

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