Last night, my browser, Fire fox quit working. Now, I can't get my email or play Bubble Hit, and most disturbingly , can't get Facebook

    can get aol . that's how I got on here. Why won't that game Bubble Hit work anymore ? Tried to download Firefox, which I've been using for 6 months. It won't work   Have seen lots of questions on akaQA that says, " Why can't I open my email "  Never thought I'd be asking this. Please help me restore my sanity by restoring my computer and my browser.

    Thank You .

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    MCM, I am sorry to tell you this,,but i have heard a lot of people ask the same question,,my advice remains the same,,,Download Google Chrome,,,i did have problems with Internet Explorer,,i have never had a problem with Chrome,,i have Firefox on my computer,but have never used it,,maybe someone can give you some better advice,,but this is mine....All the best MCM.>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<


    I totally agree with you Terry, I also have Firefox on my PC but I never use it, I have always said on here that Google Chrome is the best browser out there, I also advise AVG free antivirus, this helps avoid your browsers from crashing.
    terryfossil 1

    Roy,looks like we are 2 of a kind,,i also have AVG Free Antivirus ..however i may be looking at doing some banking online,,if i do i will be upgrading to the pro version for better security..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<

    No need for that Terry, most banks integrate their own security into their sites, makes your security even better.
    terryfossil 1

    Thanks Roy, i will look into that....>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<

    Thx Roy and Terry . I got Firefox working again the next night. When it first crashed, Firefox wouldn't install, but the next night, it did. The next time this happens, I'm going to take your advice and download Chrome, since you said it's the best one out there. I had trouble with internet explorer for yyeeaarrssss ,b /c I didn't know about these other browsers.

    HURRY ! CALL 9-1-1  !


    lol Will someone come to the house?

    When I had dial up service (years back) my computer called 911! The dispatcher did call me to see if I had an emergency!

    What's dial up service? (Just kidding.) :)

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