Should Hillary Clinton have her own server email doing state department business?

    She stated herself nobody will have it on their own. I guess she is the exception. She will make a fine replacement for obama. She is hiding email from other governments giving to her and Bills own foundation.Why else would she have her own. Hackers will find out . Have you seen the millions given by foreign governments to her. They will be expecting something in return , or they already got it. Washington  Post discovered that their foundation raised 2 BILLION dollars since 2001 . She will never tell the truth.

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    NO.  This action was illegal, and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible.

    She is a horrible example of a strong woman, a conscientious citizen, or a potential president of the United States.  "Scruples" is just a TV show in her vocabulary.






    The fact that she is not speaking about it tells me that  she is stalling,  i am sure her personal paid for by US taxes internet guru is currently working feverishly with Hillary at his/(hiding something) her side going through all the emails from that time period that may be still on that server. 

    On the other hand, she knows that her supporters could care less and at this point in time, there's no democrat that had come forward to challenge her for the presidency.   She's already millions ahead in donations and funds.  so her attitude is, who cares! very Obama like..  She's a 'shoe in' for the party and no competition.  It would make no difference what trash they expose on her, her followers will never abandon her and apparently, there's no democrat that will go against her.  

    She could kill bill and nobody would care, she's in!  sadly, many will vote for her because she is a woman, and a woman that cries.


    Well she still has to answer for the billions her and Bill's "charity fund" has collected from foreign dignitaries while she was Secretary of State that she should not have accepted. She was told that when she became SoS. If one thing does not get her, the other just may. There is talk the Elizabeth Warren is now rethinking not running. She claims that she didn't want to run because it would look bad if she ran against a fellow democrat but she is willing to be a back up now if Hillary steps aside due to the messes she's in now. The right needs to push the fact that she is anti-women too. She paid her female aides less than her male aides and her presidential campaign committee that she put together is comprised of all men.

    Some very good points! The problem as i see it is that democrats as a rule can pretty much get their way and get away with anything and everything, unless one cuts a path going the opposite direction, then they will hang their own. There is much hypocrisy on the left and hypocrisy in high places, hard to crack, look at Trey Gowdy, he has put months into Benghazi and can get nowhere, now this new one. I just don't think democrats will own up to anything and they have the support that will protect them. Look at Lois Lerner, look at john koskinen IRS, he sits there with his smirk knowing he is safe. These scandals are real, called scandals by the left media, they are criminal events but they will never amount to anything. There have been at least 25 so called scandals accusing Democrats of criminal acts in the past few years, none of them amount to anything but waste of taxpayers money. get a republican up there and it's immediately a crime. Hillary will pull out of this no matter what the republicans come up with, she is walking on water, i might add, she borrowed the jesus shoes from obama, he is sinking. I even see/hear the media now distancing themselves from him. One this morning coming to work-- Liberal talk show-- 'I believe Obama will go down in history as the worst president." And this was from a liberal.

    It matters not to me. They're all a bunch of crooks. I would like a woman president, but not Hillary !

    No she should not have her own server to send emails pertaining to government business on. As Secretary of State, she risked national security by doing so. God knows how many of our enemies have been privy to her emails. I'm sure her server is not hack proof. The woman should be banned from politics for life anyway. She is just another commie. 



    Everyone running for office must say things that sound agreeable to the public. What is done when the seat is won is what matters. She was unaware of the CIA's back-handed assault on our peace-making ambassador in Benghazi. If anything should result from this breach of trust it would be a redefinition of the CIA or it's complete and public audit in the process of its disassembly. The CIA has proven to be an untamed war-mongering-bigot too many times. "Central Intelligence" for war and underhanded authority handling by all means black and icky.
    Colleen...There are reckless, dangerous people who seek to initiate war as a result of their being directed by those who can manipulate the thinking of others. Those people are being seriously hunted and eliminated as a problem here.

    I believe Obama and Bush both knew and approved that the diplomatic compound at Benghazi was a back door being used to arm radical rebels. I believe Hillary knew this too. I believe Christopher Stevens was going to blow the whistle on the whole operation. I believe his murder was sanctioned by Obama and agreed to by Killery. Not one of their scripts as to what happened matches any of the statements of people who were actually there living this horrific event.

    I would like to see a Democratic woman as POTUS. There are many women who are better qualified than their potential rivals for the office. I've not seen enough of Hillary Clinton to know what she may choose to do as President. A President for the people of the US is preferable to those who would promote any foreign war to kill off Americans fighting where no tourist would dare to venture.   "Reliable" information in war zones is based on fear...not facts and the news medias are biased toward embellishing tragedy over simple facts.  

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