Finding Jesus: Faith Fact Forgery

    CNN tv series begins tonight at 9:00pm EST.

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    CNN is not the Holy Grail. Nor are they the be all and end all. What they're going to do is come up with a lot of conjecture by '' learned '' men and women .

    That's not how it sounds to me mcm. Did you click the link to find out what the series is all about? As for "learned men and women", well at least they are educated today compared to the non educated and illiterates of Jesus's day. Back in his day, only the rich were educated.

    Actually, the "rich" were not the only ones educated "back in his day".
    ANY study of Jesus is going to be controversial. Keep an open mind, if you can, everyone.

    I have looked into this. Yes, only the rich were educated in proper schools. The poor and mainstream males learned a trade from their father and got simple basic education in their home. If a town could afford an instructor, it was a rabbi and he taught at the synagogue but only on certain days. Actual schooling was rare in towns away from where the elite lived. Check into it,

    Colleen: Check into Roman history. You didn't say "proper" schools in your first comment, though. I'm studying Early Western Civilization and Ancient Roman history this semester. Not that what I'm learning is indisputable, but evidence exists....

    I'm glad you questioned so I could clarify. I realize sometimes for the sake of less typing, I do not make what I think clear enough. I guess at times I just assume others *know this* too. (**pertaining to any topic)

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    I want to watch it, it depends on what's opposite.  I loved bible stories as a kid, wonder if this series will match what I've learned in my lifetime....

    Looks very interesting. I shall be watching. Thanks!


    I'll look in on it.

    The so called learned men never try to prove Jesus right ,,,they only ever try to prove him wrong,,a faith belief cannot be proven either way,,it can only be proven by the won with the faith,,everyone has to find their own...>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<

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