Do the people where you live drive well in the snow - ice ?

    These Texicans where I live for the most part don't. They get all worried about 2 -4 inches of snow and think they will get locked in for a long time and drive to the store in it. OLD people have absolutely no business driving in bad weather, period. Young kids new to driving are a bad risk too in the snow. Then there are the *(Derogatory term removed by Moderator Ducky)* that hit you ,without any insurance , that cant drive in it. Maybe that sorry A$$ president that wants to legalize them will pay their insurance as well.

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    We're used to it. The only drivers who seem to have difficulty are young guys driving 4-wheel drive trucks. They seem to believe that they are invincible and have no need to slow down nor realize that, no matter how hard they try, 3 lanes cannot be made into 4 lanes.

    I live where we get lake effect snow! You can start driving in perfect weather and run into heavy white conditions in a matter of 2 miles.  Last year there was a 123 car and truck pileup on I-94 about 20 miles from here. We had little snow at the time. Most folks here drive pretty good most of the time, but you see how quick it can turn deadly!

    I live in NY. No! "Everyone is in a hurry to go nowhere."

    Was watching the news concerning the weather due in and all ready they've closed the schools! 1/10 inch of ice and the whole city comes crashing down (crashing being the operative word here). No, we can't drive in it at all!!!!!

    We don't get a lot of snow & ice here but they're bad enough without it.

    Around  this area we don't get much snow. But when we do get a sprinkle of snow , the schools close,  everyone  stays at home, worried that they wont get home for there favorite television program,  except the youngsters  , they just continue  driving at  the same  speed,  and then wonder why they can't stop. 


    I have lived most of my life in a heavy snow area, where "most" drivers know how to drive in bad weather, but I have also spent a couple winters in the southern states where snow is a rarity. What most people don't take into account is the weather in the south usually causes snow to turn to ice. No one can drive on ice unless your vehicle has studded tires or chains. Warmer climates also don't have enough equipment to remove the snow and ice in a timely manner. In northern states, road preparation is started before the snow comes with "pre-salting" using a liquid mixture to cause melting as soon as the snow arrives.

    Most slippery road accidents are caused by drivers not allowing enough space to safely brake before hitting another vehicle or other object.

    For the most part yes. In NW Ohio, but there are always the idiots...


    We got another 5 below coming tonite... Should be the last of the sub zero temps.

    I took my drivers test during a snow storm. I live in New England, we don't fret about snow.

    Be careful how you throw that word "old " about,,your in your 50's,,it is amazing how soon you will be in your 60's..older does not mean smarter,,but you can have all the OBE,MBE.DBE's and have no common sense,,age can have it's plus's,, Zorro


    I will be there soon! But people like my parents in their 80"s are a driving risk.
    terryfossil 1

    and what do people of their equal age say about them Zorro..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<

    Nobody has to worry about driving in snow here in Fresno, which is a blessing, because most of the numb-nuts can't even drive properly in a light rain shower. 



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