How long does it take for you to get ready in the morning?

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    What is "ready"?  I have no place to go so I just drink coffee until I think of something.........


    Ready for school, work, things you do until you're ready to do something important...

    I get up early to enjoy coffee in silence then greet James Wait until Price is Right then dress during the commercials. How long? An hour to four.........

    I think this question was aimed at working people who work dayshift.

    In that case, 5 minutes. I brush my hair and put in my teeth……….

    I read somewhere that aborigines  eat stinging nettle leaves,  they wouldn't if they new what you're been using them for Terry. 


    This should be a comment to Terry 's answer.
    terryfossil 1 they did not actually eat the leaves Sunny,,but they did use them for Rheumatism,,,Mate if you had ever been stung by the leaf,you would know you can not eat them..their was a tourist once who wiped her backside with a stinging nettle,,she died..they are not a fun thing,,i have only been stung twice,,once on the hand and once on the leg,,not real sensitive area ,but bad enough..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<

    Breakfast, ablutions,  shower,  about one hour.


    that's fast for all those activities. What are ablutions ?
    terryfossil 1

    Wash his face with water MCM..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<

    MCM ablutions are anything you might do in the bathroom , and what wee over here call a toilet.

    Clonge, first of all i am a bloke,i don't have hair to comb,i don't have teeth to brush,Whack on a pair of shorts, a singlet, a pair of flip flops, A hat grab the car keys and out the door,,about 3 minutes flat..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<


    Terry , don't you brush your prosthetic teeth ?
    terryfossil 1

    Chuck em into the sink from a glass of water and chuck em in the gob,, MCM,,,that keeps em clean.....>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<

    This question is highly gender-specific.

    Ten minutes tops.

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