This is still a controversy in some quarters.......Who killed Jesus.......the Jews or the Romans ?

    I think the bible is quite clear that the jews wanted Him killed, but they got a legion of Roman soldiers to arrest Him,  tie Him up, throw Him in jail, humiliate Him, beat Him, etc.  . The jews got the Roman soldiers to do His crucifixion .  They had done many and were getting quite good at it.

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    Question:Who killed Jesus.........the Jews or the Romans ?

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    Gidday MCM,,no controversy for me,,the Romans gave the Jews a get out of jail card,,the Romans did not want to kill Jesus,,so the Romans said to the Jews,"who do you want to be crucified,Jesus who calls himself King of the Jews, or Barrabas a murderer."and the Jews called for Jesus to be crucified and barrabas set free and the Romans were astounded,,and to this day the Jews do not believe that Jesus the son of God has already come,,they cannot believe it because to do so would mean they have to admit they had the son of God murdered,,and i think that is a very heavy cross to bear.>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<  


    oh yeah. I remember that passage now.......where they Romans gave the jews a choice. In fact, Pilate, the head honcho of the Romans said, " I find no fault with this man " So, to passify the jews, he had him lashed with a cat of 9 tails 40 times.......which would kill most men.......the infections alone !!
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    ON the money MCM,i think it was after the lashing Pilate offered the choice of barabbas or Jesus,,I suppose we cannot blame the Jews,,because if Jesus was not crucified,,there would not have been a bridge home...Always nice talking MCM.>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<

    Similar to the sentence passed in Saudi Arabia on Raif Badawi who has blogged criticism of the ruling Saudi heirarchy. He satnds to get 1,000 lashes and 10 years in prison.
    Nice country, nice people.
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    Yeah Nom, you gotta wonder why some people draw breath,,,>>>>><<<<<

    Pontius Pilate was the prefect of Judea during the time of Tiberius I.  Roman soldiers arrested Jesus, and He was presented to Pontius Pilate, who could find no reason for punishing Him.  He let the Jewish people who were clamoring for His death to decide, as there were other men who were scheduled to be crucified.  Pilate allowed them to designate one  to receive clemency, and appears, according to what I have read and learned, tried to steer the people towards clemency for Jesus.  They declined and called for another to receive clemency and Jesus to be killed.

    The Roman soldiers "performed" the deed, but the people "ordered" it.  You decide. 

    I'd say the PEOPLE.

    ....all of us, through our sins.

    terryfossil 1

    Though i agree with your answer Ben,i think it is too small a snapshot of the full answer..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    T U for both Ben and Terry

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