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    A friend of ours is getting married in Vegas in a month and invited us to come out for bout a week. We are not big gamblers and would like suggestions of places to visit, explore while there. We all ready know of the more common places like Hoover damn. We are planning on a few ghost towns, maybe death valley. Have any of you visited or enjoyed a place or location that's not to well known>? Thanks

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    Why chose me to renew your wedding bowels,

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    Here are some unique things to do while in Las Vegas.

    A. Visit a glass bottle forest.

    B. Neon sign graveyard

    c. Renew your wedding vowels at a Denny's. LOL

    D. Alien hunting



    Thanks country, they all sound pretty good. I think I'm getting enough to keep us busy for a week.

    It is interesting to visit the hotels/casinos. Ceasars Palace is gorgeous. There is a hotel similar to the Seattle Space Needle with a rotating restaurant and a "ride" that drops you down the side.

    UNLV might be nice. The Mort Sager display is great. Friend of the family who rode for the Pony Express. 

    A tour of Ethel M chocolate factory is fun, and the mall is ok. Downtown Las Vegas has a life of its own. There is also a bowling alley that hosts PBA tournaments. ..bowling is a hoot.



    Been, seen, done, methinks.

    Most of it. My parents enjoyed "going over the hill" for a long weekend in LV. We went along many times when they were living.

    I've never been but just wanted to say hello and I hope you had a great trip!       :)

    play the lower denomination machines.......they give out a lot of free spins. And some of those free spins generate other free spins. You can play them for a long tme without losing much money .

    One place that would be fun to go to is that pawn shop that's on T V called ......( I'm not sure what it's called )...... But some one out there would tell you how to get there. They have a lot of interesting stuff in their display cabinets and on the wall ; and you might get on T V !  Good luck and have a safe trip.


    Thanks mcm We are planning on a little gambling, mainly the slots like you mentioned and yes a visit to Pawn Stars, which is not to far from our hotel, thanks

    Vegas is not far from the Grand Canyon by small plane, try a joy flight, it is well worth it, also you will see Hoover Dam from the air. :)


    GC is breathtaking. Would love to hike in....get a ride back up....

    Is that where thee rat pack youse to hang out,??

    "The Ducky Ranch". How old are "we"?

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