How can you live on sixty five grand a year??

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    If I were a rich man, diddle  diddle diddle, diddle diddle ,diddle  diedle  dum. 

    More like fiddle diddle hey Dennis.



    Jack straw gets 5 grand a night just for giving a speach,

    I live on 15 grand year……...


    and run a lux,car,with the steering weel on the wrong side,

    Yes Julie, me too and its not much is it? Can you imagine getting by on 65000 a year? It would be awesome! DREAMS!

    No kidding! 20 grand sounds great! I inherited a bunch of money and can't buy a thing with it....... trust fund......

    Julie, doesn't Jame's income help to pay your bills ?

    65 grand? as in 65,000.00 Dollars? I would sure like to give it a shot! Send it to me I will be waiting!


    65,pounds,sterling ,slighley more i think,

    It would be a struggle.We'd probably have to sell the kids.


    It does make you wonder tho. We have AFL footballers here on $400,000.00 (AUD) selling drugs to make ends meet.How much do they need?
    terryfossil 1

    Allegedly Tom Allegedly.:)

    Easy . I live on  13 grand a year. And I don't get food stamps or anything. Wish I did. I don't have a pension or my late husb's pension.


    You can though and you ought to as well. I take all the charity I can get!

    really ? I applied once for S. S. I. and disability and they turned me down. Heard they turn everybody down the 1st time and you have to get a lawyer. Maybe it would be easier to apply for a bridge card ( food stamps in Mich. ) Thx for the tip, Julie

    Try again. I got it on my first time. Do you have Dr paperwork saying you are disabled?

    $1,250 a week,,i would be living in luxury,,


    And...he's talking in Pounds Terry,not AUD.
    terryfossil 1

    Tom you gotta be kidding,65000 pounds=$128,266.61 a year =$2,466 a week,,Venny and me will have to live on $600 a week,without my super top up,,maybe the cost of living in Pommie land is very high,,,

    $100,125. in USD. Comfortable, comfortable year
    terryfossil 1

    JH,Venny and myself will be living on $31,000 per's tight but doable, if you own your own house and car...>>>><<<<<

    That amount is about what I gross. I own my condominium, but pay monthly fees and property taxes, home owner's and auto insurance, plus my own medical insurance (basic, plus two small special policies), and long term care insurance, AND a car payment; these things alone add up to over $1200/month.

    oops. I thought he was talking about USD . - -- - - $ 65,000

    THAT would be amazing! I can't imagine having that much money to spend in a year.  I don't struggle or skimp, but I have to be careful.

    My home would have ALL its repairs done and some upgrades, that's for sure.

    I imagine there would also be something left over for a short, but nice, trip.


    It was 67000 five hundred poungs ,and he was caught having private meeting with the Chinese Govement ,how to invest thier moneys,in u/k buisnesses,

    Of whom are we speaking?

    Two of our M.Ps Bob,and they were caught giving inside imfomatiom to Chinese buisnesmen men,both have resign ,saying they did no wrong,plus genurous expensive and what they call house flipping,

    Interesting. I wonder why they would resign if they've done nothing wrong? I don't know that what they did IS wrong, but to resign over it...

    It's all to do with "integrity" Phyllis, they were caught red handed but still maintain they did nothing wrong,that's politicians for you.

    Did they resign by their own choice, or were they pressured? In the USA, our politicians NEVER voluntarily resign. Of course, we are so lax in our legislative body that we seldom prosecute politicians who truly need to be chastised, fined, disrobed, disbarred, disenfranchised, impeached, and imprisoned. It could be there isn't a one of them who doesn't live in a glass house him/her-self.

    Supposedly they are not allowed to have "second" jobs, one of these guys takes £5000 for a 10 min speech, nice work if you can get it.They were pressured into resigning voluntarily, if you get my meaning.


    $65,000.00 USD per year...$5416.67 each month....I like the challenges of trying to live on $1037.00 per month. But then I look at my accessory incomes. What I have is paid for and it is plenty, I have very few debts. I have four doctors who like me as their patient and get paid by a variety of federal agencies. My meds are presently running over $2000.00 per month. A service drives me around to go shopping and banking. My garbage is picked up at the curb. all of my medical shots are paid for. Electric power is free 4 months a year and $50.00 a month for 8 months. So I end-up with $200.00 ~ $300.00 per month left over at the end of the month. Most of that is donated somewhere. So if I had to more work on account of $65,000.00 income a year, I would have to hire an accountant and a lawyer and pay them enough to get my personal finances down to something I have now at $1037.00 per month.    


    Robert, doesn't your income from your live- in girl friend help too ? How do you get your electric bill for free for 4 month a year and keep it at $ 50.00 a month ?

    Woop de dooooooooooooooo.......USA is aOK!!!

    Your meds are $2000 or $200?

    Mycatsmom...Our incomes are similar and she keeps the books. I'm showing my cost. The free electrical service for four months is statewide for folk in an income bracket. Politics drives financial concessions between state and federal bureaucrats and taxes are negotiable between government and corporations.
    Bob/PKB My meds are payed by the system...sometimes I see the cost...otherwise I would have to have shell-out the actual cost...I have on occasion seen the cost if I had the $65 grand deal.

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