APN updater question----- Please read this. It's important !!!

    For a week now, a box or  a  "window " has come up on my screen that says,  "  APN updater has encountered a problem and needs to close "    Then, down below that it says  " Please tell Microsoft about this problem "  and it has 3 boxes and wants you to click on one. They say  " Debug, or Send Error report, or  Don't Send " 

         The problem is, no matter which one you check, the window comes right back up again.I was dragging it down to the bottom of my screen and a little under. Now, what's worse, is another one comes up and another one comes up and it's like the movie, " The Sorcerer's Apprentice. "  These boxes take on a life of their own and breed !  I used " Task Manager to find it and I click on " End the Process " but it doesn't end !  How can I get rid of them ? !  It 's like roaches or ants or wasps !

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    2 Answers    this should tell you what to do MCM ..Just click " never remind me again "


    thanks, Terry. I can always count on you and Romos to really digest my technical questions and find an answer for it <3

    If Terrys' don't work try this Julie...    people have problems getting rid of this.


    Aweome,Thanks, Romeos. Read what I wrote to Terry about you and he helping me. Hope I can get rid of the problem now that I got these links. I'll try them after I bring in groceries and eat.

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