Dogs are better than a lot of people. Agree? 

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    You don't need to tell me that, always known it. Good link.

    Broke my heart with the goodness of it all. Even shared this with James and he was moved as well......

    In many respects, yes, . Dogs are better than people. My stepdaughter says they and cats don't talk back to you like teenagers do. And there was a cute little dog on the news last night that had walked 22 miles to see his owner.! She was in the hospital. The  camera showed him walking in the automatically opening door, and he was looking around for Mama. So touching.


    Yes,i saw him on t/v ,m/c/m,

    I've known a lot of dogs I wouldn't compare to people.

    I've also known a lot of people I wouldn't compare to dogs.

    Having said that I have always  considered myself a dog man.I seem to be able to develope a rapore with most dogs.They seem to like me for some reason.(& yes,I do bathe regularly)

    Eye contact can be dangerous with strange dogs,so they say.

    Eye contact can also be dangerous with some people.

    So where were we??

    Oh,Yes, Dogs are better than some people.That's for sure!

    country bumpkin

    Hahaha/bathe regularly. I watched a 70 pound dog take off whimpering/running when a 6 month old cat decided it was tired of the dog barking at it. Cracks me up every time I see a big dog afraid of a little old kitty cat. :)

    I, for one, miss some of the dogs who were part of my life A LOT more than most of the people!


    Make that two of us.

    I have always known that mate,,Lucas and Juno bring back memories,,But this story is about them, and to "mans best friend" and sometimes his only friend,,,,

    Yes in certain areas but certainly not monogamous.  Obviously why a female dog has  the B**ch title and the male is a stud.  Other than that, they have most humans beat in every phase of being. 

    Some say that dogs are better than women because the later you get home the more pleased they are to see you.


    C'est tres vrai!

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