NBC's Brian Williams suspended for six months without pay » What do you think?

    Fair and just or what?

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    A bright, lucrative future awaits him at the National Enquirer.

    country bumpkin

    LOL....Nail on the head Digger!

    ...or the Pyongyang Poodle Press

    Oh what a shame. I don't feel sorry for him not reporting the truth.

    Hillary Clinton claimed nearly the same thing in 2008. Double standard here??? Suspend her too!


    good point, Flip. Not to mention what Clinton and Bush the 2nd did when they were in office.

    I think he's a legend in his own mind Julie.At a reported $10 Mil a year 6 months won't cause him too much distress.

    His integrity has been lost and he can only blame himself. Time to find another job!

    Digger is right. 

    I would have fired him.



    Give another chance Babera,Em,i mean Bob,

    With the money he makes, and the amount of trust that was placed in him to be honest, no second chance. He did a stupid, deceitful thing. People get fired for far less. He had an obligation to the public as a whole. Out with the delusional liar.

    I can't figure what he hoped to gain from saying his chopper was hit!  News casters need to stick to actual facts which are very illusive  a lot of the time.

    We need people with strong imaginations,or we would not have had war of the worlds ,with OLson Wells,


    Yes, but Orson started WOTW with a disclaimer. Williams is supposed to report what really happens.

    I've always loved Brian Williams. I'm saddened by his dishonesty. Why do so many people, lie about so many things?

    Well , they didn't suspend Ndomacong Suh for 6 months for deliberately stomping on mens' shoulder, neck, leg, ankle .


    Who is she,m,c.m,

    He gets paid to do that, part of the game.

    Hect, He is an NFL Detroit Lions football player.

    I've LIED!!! It was very embarrassing to be caught. But, with this understanding I have gained a respect for truth and honesty that tells me what others go through is just as educational for them as it was for me. Now my lies are very obvious and lack all traces of believability, as a form of humor, obvious exaggeration, and so forth. Murky water, sweet and tangy with a sprig of mint to slack your thirst. When surviving the embarrassment you may understand that those "Ideals of open Honesty" are a blind-sided trap requiring everyone's  eventual failure along the way to self discovery.        


    So everyone lies? I hope I never believe that!

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