Teen sentenced to murder, undergoes a metamorphasis! LOl! Thoughts?

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    Don't "get" your question, metamorphosis?

    The lad murdered a WW11 vet, he pleaded guilty, he was lucky to get just 20 years.

    Very stoic, I think........


    What is stoic,Miss Julie,or should i say Barbera,??

    Stoic may refer to:

    an adherent of the philosophy of stoicism, or the moral quality associated with that philosophy
    STOIC, a programming language
    STOIC (platform), a platform as a service by Sutoiku, Inc
    Stoic (film), a 2009 film by Uwe Boll
    Stoic (mixtape), a 2012 mixtape by rapper T-Pain
    HMS Stoic (P231), an S class submarine of the Royal Navy in World War II
    Stoic Studio, an American indie video game studio

    Yep, that explains it.......LOL!

    We had this posted when it first happened, if memory serves me, and were all appalled and horrified by the teens' actions.

    My opinion hasn't changed.  It was a needless, barbaric, inexcusable action.  I'll only give the "kid" credit for pleading guilty, and I do feel badly for his family and friends.  Growing up disadvantaged or whatever is no more an excuse than the wealthy youth who commit similar crimes to see if they can get away with it. 

    The one who's going to trial?  HANG HIM, for dragging this out and costing the taxpayers so much money.

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