Measles outbreak, Vaccination, Yes or No?

    The USA and Europe are having outbreaks of measles which could be prevented by vaccination of children but some parents refuse this owing to supposed risks. Where do you stand on this issue?

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    Personal choice.

    Thousands of un-vaccinated illegal immigrant children were allowed to cross our border last year and then were placed into the public schools systems throughout the USA. This year, we have an outbreak of measles. Vaccinations do not fully protect anyone. Even people who have been vaccinated for measles are coming down with measles. This is why no one should be allowed into the USA unless they are properly vetted and insured that they do not bring diseases with them into this country. For the small amount of parents in this huge country who do not vaccinate their children (and this has been going on for decades) we should not be seeing an outbreak of this magnitude. If it is true that they are to blame, this type of outbreak would have happened years ago. It's only happened now since thousands of illegal immigrant children arrived here last year.
    If vaccination solves the problem, then "your" vaccinated kid should not be affected. Kids that can not be vaccinated because of health reasons such as cancer or other/s, should not be in public schools. Vaccinated people have been known to come down with the illness they are vaccinated against. Too risky to put sick kids in with the general public. Look at the flu shot. It has not helped anyone. I was vaccinated against measles as a child. Now I'm hearing doctors say there is no guarantee that I'm still protected and should be vaccinated again. So in other words, everyone who was vaccinated as a child and is now 40 or more years old are also contributing factors to the continuation of the disease. That's how I see it from what the doctors said. We are no better than the non vaccinated children if we need to be vaccinated again. It's all a scam for the pharmaceutical companies to cash in since the Ebola outbreak went no where.

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    Of course you have your children vaccinated, looking at the statistics, it is way better to do than not.  Look at the quality of life in countries which do not! 

    Never had a problem with it, I can't see the point in not being vaccinated, I know some Mothers + Fathers think that it might lead on to something more serious but this has never been proven to be a factor.

    Measles is a nasty disease, and can cause lots of problems especially for pregnant women.

    I was vaccinated, didn't have a choice, it's something my parents just did. I'm grateful however and am continuing the process. I got a flu shot, anti-pneumonia and shingles vaccination. I'm not taking chances, I didn't with my son either.....

    Yes,the alternative is worse....>>>>>>><<<<<

    You have the right to act as you wish. The benefits out weigh the negative , whatever that might be.

    Whats the worse condition of measles ? Has anybody died . None that I ever heard of. So why vaccinate?


    Young, old and pregnant are at serious risk.
    And do die.

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