Is this true ???????

    Some bloke on our tv today said  "more Americans vote on american idol than they do in their political elections " apparently due to the fact that elections are not compulsory..would this be correct..?????????....always nice talking... 

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    Speaking of voting Terry,whadda ya think of out little election last Saturday?
    Do you think "Gunna Do Campbell" got the message?
    terryfossil 1

    Sounds like i might be on the other side of the fence Tom,,I think he had a big job in front of him,,not sure if i agree with how he was trying to fix it,,but he was trying,,Bligh gave us the problem,,Anna was with Bligh when we got the problem..which made her part of the problem..The labor people gave Bligh a protest vote and now they have come back to Anna..And we will have a 50/50 government that can not rule no matter who wins..One question Tom, you do no the difference between LEASE and SALE don't you..i am thinking you do,,,,Always nice talking Tom,, sorry if i sound a bit long winded mate....

    No problem Terry.It was just his smartarsed attitude tha got me riled.
    And several other issue of course.
    I know Anna Bligh got us into debt but I don't agree with Gunnado's way of fixing it.
    Sale or 99 year lease,What's the diff?
    The people who lease it are gunna want to make a profit so how is that going to keep prices down?
    NO! keep it in public hands but run it properly.Get rid of the deadwood & employ a few people with some smarts,starting with the railways.
    Now who's long winded?
    & yes indeed it's always a pleasure to talk Terry

    P.S. to all that.2 things you never discuss with friends.Religion & politics.
    So I'm leaving it there Terry. :)
    terryfossil 1

    No problem Tom,,I believe 2 people can debate anything,,If they agree to disagree,,i will not debate with someone who gets hot under the collar,,as for Religion, Politics and Work..3 things that are with you from beginning to end,,they should be discussed ,,it is how we learn,exchange idea's and belief's,,as for the Lease and sale thing,i lean your way there,,but i would like to have seen the fine print,,,,Have a good one mate..>>>>>><<<<<<

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    I do believe it is true. .  The media has caused the public to become zombies and watch and think like the set tells them to almost.  With everything a 'reality show", it becomes addictive to some, draws them into the trance...  Many Americans are uninformed about their own government, and apathetic to the process anyway, so the reality show becomes their focus in life, with them voting constantly.  I have watched some, for as long as I can stand it, maybe one or two episodes, and have never voted for any.  I do vote in most all elections. 


    HUM, uninformed voters, I wonder which presidential candidate they voted for, if they did.

    I would bet that this is the way Obama got in. Give them phones, citizenship, driving licenses, etc. It insures his vote?

    Probably similar in the UK, more people vote in X Factor & Big Brother than in a General Election, personally I would like voting to be mandatory here too.

    terryfossil 1

    we cop a fine if we do not vote Roy

    Sad but more than likely true.  I voted in the general election but not the run offs. You can bet I'm voting for HAT's contestants.  I've let Idol go though.....


    Idol is much improved and quite funny with these judges....Harry Connick Jr., J-lo and Keith Urban.

    I am suprise judging by somethings posting on on here by our speicial friends,

    Many of us are more interested in celebrity gossip such as Hollywood break-ups, the next marriage or who's the father of the young starlet's baby. A possible terrorist attack? Who cares?

    If voting was made mandatory however, who would be forced to vote? No doubt MORE people who haven't a clue who is running or why and would simply vote based on personality, good hair or perhaps skin color? We would hate to see that happen, wouldn't we?


    Ear,Ear,MIss Ducky,
    terryfossil 1

    If you do not vote Duck,then you do not have a say about the state of your nation.....

    Agreed. I try to vote intelligently though, not based on a person's appearance. If you've ever noticed, there is a huge amount of time and money spent in making a candidate "look good".
    terryfossil 1

    I did not mean you personally Duck,,i was generallising....

    That's the way I took it. Hard to communicate sometimes, in the land of typing. :)

    Terry, when I just re-read my last response, even I, still can't figure out what I meant. :) I meant, I thought that you were generalizing and I did not take it personally. lol
    terryfossil 1

    That's exactly what i thought you meant Duck,,,,,

    I'm glad that you thought, that I thought, that we both thought, that we knew what the other was thinking. Great communication! lol

    That is the downside of mandatory voting Ducky.Many,many,many "Donkey Votes" to be counted along with the valid ones.

    For sure Tommy.

    The Stars and Starlets of today aren't very interesting people.

    Well yes I believe  it, here in the UK some people don't  know the names of the leaders of the political  parties. 

    I ask a teenager last week  if he knew about Churchill,  and he thought  he was a bull dog,  because there is an advertisement  on the TV which uses a bull dog to advertise  insurance. 


    My Willie is a bulldog sunny,a big white one,he sings to the t/v when anyone with a high voice is on,

    I bet he's a little character, they are lovely dogs.

    Your willie is a bulldog Dennis?? Really?? Man! I'd like to see that!

    Yes Tommthy,hes just over 3 years old ,and sings to the telly when there are any high notes on,walking thoung he pulls like a lion,

    He sounds like a loveable dog Dennis but I think you missed my little joke....Never mind.

    yea Tommyth ive just fell in,

    We vote a bit more on serious subjets like big brother,and sticickly come dancing over here Terry,

    terryfossil 1

    Deep mate Deeeeeeeeeep

    Soon here in the USA we will have presidential elections where candidates must sing, dance, give a 3 minute speech on why the want the presidency, show their family hardships in a 2 minute video, then millions of Americans and Non-Americans can vote for the president that would be most entertaining while dancing and singing on g'ment issues...  Not unlike what is going on today.  Just a more efficient way to get uninformed voters their voting rights without subjecting them to reading up and learning about candidates their agendas and standing in line at the polls.  It's such a waste of time to know what they are voting for.   


    I Never saw Bush dancing or singing Vinny,

    No but you've seen Obama singing and dancing around issues for 6.5 years. Bush was a president, Obama is an entertainer.

    Bush and our mr,Blair should answer to a war crimes world tribunerail,

    That's total BS Hector. LOL! I do know that if we didn't have obama over here and still had Bush, I truly doubt that Waterboarding wouldn't be considered worse than whacking a head off or burning a person alive. We need a war president here now to protect not to wage war, the war had already been waged against innocents and Bush and Blair was not the ones that did it. We would not have ISIS today, they would have rooted them out and killed the evil where it lives! and this is real life, not utopian white world that so many liberals pretend the word is all about. Liberal mindset has brought us from a lion to a pussycat and the predators know that. A few more presidents like Bush and perhaps liberals would have that utopian world they wish for.

    The question could be answered if someone was documenting whether the people voting on those shows were actually registered voters and whether or not they voted in government elections. When you consider how many not-eligible-to-vote in elections are voting on these shows, it makes a difference. 

    When Americans can cast their presidential vote via "#"..........


    Terry, I think he said that in a frivolous vein, or in a sarcastic vein . I don't know anybody who votes on American Idol, but I know a lot of people that go to the polls on election day and for other voting issues.

    If voting in Oz is compulsory how come you guys end up with Tony Abbot as PM?

    terryfossil 1

    He got over 50% of the vote,,???????that should be the answer..>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Seems like Abbot is entering the danger zone according to today's news.
    terryfossil 1

    cloak and dagger stuff Nom,,even in politics,,i do not care what he does,,but he did stop the boats,,and that was a big one,,,,,,

    I assume you are referring to the illegal immigrants, terry. There are thousands living in tents in Calais waiting to enter the UK, so that is a problem affecting many countries.
    terryfossil 1

    well it is not a problem we have anymore Nom. And that is due to Abbot,the former Prime Minister gave us the problem..>>>>>><<<<<<

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