i have severe hip pain while in bed and when i first get up, then after moving around it's gone. what could be the cause of this?

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    I agree with gary, sounds like arthritis, I started getting it in my back in my thirties, you don't have to be old to have it. If you have taken a fall lately, you may have a hairline fracture?

    It would be a good Idea to get checked out by a doctor, webMD is a site that will give you more information on what could be causing you this pain.

    Hope you feel better, good luck.
    sounds like arthritis. what's your age? if you feel better after rising from bed then the 'exercise' has relieved the pain and your nerve tissue pain has receded.
    There could be 2 very good reasons why you get pain.
    1. If your mattress is more than 5 years old then it is time to change the mattress. Most people spend less money on a mattress than the bed itself. It should be other way around. A mattress has to be expensive as there are so many things go into an expensive mattress which a cheap mattress simply can not have that. Plus study showed that a firm mattress gives you more support on your hip and back and thus lessen your pain.

    2. Another very important thing is your weight. How heavy you are..? Are you over weight..if then you have to loose weight and your pain will go away as soon as you start loosing pounds.
    -Shaheed Hasan and

    I'm sure a bad mattress wouldn't help the matter either, thumbs up SH

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