Would you like to see and hear events that took place a thousand ears ago as it actually occured ?

    History is recorded in many ways, we see events in the universe that happened millions of years ago by  telescope. We use books and photos to capture the moment. During the Nixon administration it was discovered that recording tape cannot be erased. There is a way to see events that have taken place in the past. There are limits, but it is possible. Since then, we have continued to look for such windows on the past in all kinds of ways. Tree rings have been used for years as records of rain fall over the centuries. But there are recorded events stored in many things that is not commonly known to carry recorded events because the ways of retrieving such evidence from these materials is not commonly known. So what actual events of the past would you like to see and hear as they actually happened?    

    The daily variation in temperature is recorded in stone. Reading these variations can be observed as a thermal variation in a mass subjected to an observed rising or decreasing temperature. The rate of change of the target under study reveals variations in heating and cooling that corresponds  previous states as a domain in such variations. If molten obsidian is cast into a round form and allowed to slowly cool such a mass will record not only thermal events but video and sound as well. Recovering the information contained in time from this involves a secret that opens the door to the exploration of all historic events in the mystery of time. Such a treasury has a price of admission that presently I am not willing to shair.

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    Time is an idea made by man in order to organize memories and events into a stream of events rather than retaining everything you have ever known into our ever-present awareness. This allows you to choose to recall past events and lifetimes or not; it's your choice. The purpose of life in a new carnal form is to expand your experience in every way possible.

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    I wouldn't mind getting a heads up on how the Mayans really came up with their predictions.

    yes please Robert ,im all ears,



    Whoes Ben??

    There's so many historic happenings i would have loved to have been there.  I dunno, hard to answer.   But I have a bunch of my own personal historic happenings I would love to live again, some I wouldn't.   so I guess for now, the only time machine we have is a videocam.  :( 




    The best time machine is the one between your ears.

    Huh?? There's nothing between my ears. (?)

    All I know is history is written by the winners……...


    But we are all winners,as we learn by our or others mistakes,Miss,Julie,

    If you could extend the thousand years to 2,000 we would be able to see and experience Jesus' life and His time on earth. This would enable us to see whether the miracles He performed were real and clear up many of the contradictions in the Bible.


    His miracles are real. There is no conflict in that. A Course In Miracles, ( www/ ) is a first hand expression of the facts.

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