OK sports fans NE Patriots or Seattle Sea Hawks ?

    Just curious as to who you like i'm going with Tom Brady and the NE Patriots !

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    Depends, who will have control over the football inflations?


    Good one,Julie!

    Word is, the officials never checked the balls before the game like they were suppose to do. If that's the case, I blame the officials for not doing their job. Heat and cold play a factor in deflation and inflation of the balls. There is no official word yet, that I know of, that says how deflated each ball was. There is a margin that each QB can adjust a ball's psi weight to. There is not official set point for the balls to be at, meaning, they do not have to have exactly 13lbs (psi). Kids at a science tech school here proved that footballs can deflate 2lbs (psi) if they are moved from a 70 degree room to 40 degree outside temps. I think before we villainize anyone, we should wait for the official report. ;)

    Kind of strange , Colts footballs had no problems, from what I heard.

    Zorro, from what I heard, both teams used the same balls in question. The Colt's QB did not notice the under inflation, nor did the officials when they handled the balls.

    Sea Hawks!

    New England really not lucky. Seattle is . It takes luck to win, besides all other factors. Seattle 31 - New England 20. Seattle will be pouring over tapes of Kansas City beating the tar out of New England earlier this year.

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