You only have $15 to your name. What would you spend it on or do with it?

    I’m down to $8 in each account. I’m going shopping for some bread and cheese and, darn it, cat food……..

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    I would invest it wisely in wine,women & song.

    Seriously tho I would probbly buy smokes.15 Bucks is about what they cost here.

    Sorry to hear you're broke Julie.I wish I could help


    Not to worry, I have bread now and smokes (sorry you pay so much, mine are less than $2.00 a pack!). Just have to wait ’til James gets paid (Fri). The cat will eat…...

    After the women, you'll have NOTHING left!

    After the women, you'll have NOTHING left!
    terryfossil 1

    Last time i bought a pack Tom,they were $1.50 a pack..damn i saved a lot of money

    I'd buy bread, eggs, cheap catfood [my cats hate expensive stuff?], a tomato or two,some Italian soda, the cheese [2 bucks worth] and the supremely cheap smokes ... they're 10 bucks a pack here!!! Then I'd give the change away! Purrrfect Jewel!


    Your cats have inexpensive taste? How lucky! Mine is addicted to “Temptations” (a cat treat put out by Wiska’s) and would kill for them. I heard one woman describe them as “kitty crack”……..

    That is exactly what it is and my two queenies only had them twice but just go ahead and shake a bag of anything and they are ON YOU!! LOL

    Two years ago....TEN DOLLARS A PACK!? I used to smoke two packs a day. So by now, I'm probably saving close to $8,000.00 per year. Yikes!! Expensive habit!

    Use my credit cards for the things I need, at places that accept them.


    I was counting my credit card when I wrote I had only $8 in each account……..

    ....take care of the cat and shop at Walmart to make it go as far as possible 

    15 bucks won't get you far, I am not a gambling man but I think that's what i would do.  I would go find some slots, a few chips on the blackjack table.  Or just give it to someone worse off than you and then wait for 'what goes around comes around'.

    Good luck! 


    No gambling here in Austin. We do have BINGO though but I’ve never played. I spent my money on bread and cat food. The cat will eat!

    Back in my home state Ohio, Cincinnati and Kentucky is separated by the Ohio River. Gambling is illegal on both sides but they have gambling boats that go up and down the river. legal on the water. They are packed 24/7. Never been on one but I know many there that make a weekend of it.

    Phyllis took me gambling during my trip to CA. It was great! I loved it……...

    Hang on to it in case i needed it for an emergency..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I would buy fruit, vegetables, rice and a chicken. If I don't eat properly, I don't feel well.


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