Death for drug smugglers. Is this going too far?


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    Great question Miss !

    Tks, Lindi…….

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    If they smuggle drugs from or to these countries they should be aware of the consequences.

    I'm not in favour of the death penalty but I respect other countries laws.

    Considering the consequences, I would not risk going there with the possibility of someone planting drugs in my luggage, on my person or someone claiming their drugs came from me during the flight. If more people stayed out for this reason, perhaps they would ease-up on the penalty threat. Deportation is a simple smack-down and may not be enough for repeating offenders. But deporting them to the other side of the planet would take time to recover. Of course there is the opportunity of slave labor for earlier release. Let's consider the  incarceration of  a popular Rock & Roll band....You catch them with illegal you take their drugs and escort them around to their performances where the police confiscate their revenue and music produced during the tour for resale internationally over the internet....Given the choice of that or death what would you choose?   


    Years ago some girls I know were planted with drugs in a suitcase that did not belong to them ...they were walking down a roadside in Mexico and it took them 18 months for their parents to quite literally buy them back. They were emaciated beyond belief and had suffered greatly at the hands of their captors. It wiped out both family's bank accounts to the tune of [in the 70s] tens of thousands of dollars!!

    And you thin out the herd of drug smugglers with that punishment.  Maybe even get a message across?

    I am not a fan of travelling to dangerous countries where corruption is the rule of the day. I think that if you do the crime you do the time and if the penalty is death then this should have been considered. Cest le vie!

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