The French still don't "get it". In spite of the violence that arose from the first publishing

    mocking "The Prophet", Charlie Abdo published another caricature of him. Did they expect any less of a reaction? There are times when you just have to "bite your tongue". Would you provoke a vicious dog off of its leash? I wouldn't.  Even the pope said that there are limits to free speech. I wonder what the next edition will look like. 

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    Not sure where this was suppose to go clonge but you can copy and paste it as a comment to whomever you were agreeing with:

    My thoughts, exactly. We are rational people; they're not. Rights of free speech aside, I wouldn't taunt a dog that is unleashed, for fear of being bit. Charlie Abdo, in spite of the murders weeks ago, decide to print more offensive material. This is a war we cannot win. The best we can do is to try to prevent further attacks and muster our intelligence resources and work together.

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    If we take away freedom of speech what are we left with?
    We can't let these fanatics dictate how we live our lives within our own societies, if they weren't so radical in the way they live their lives there wouldn't be the need for satire.

    Je suis Charlie.


    Maybe we're left with "our lives"? I'm all for free speech but there are limits, e,g, "yelling 'fire' in a theatre", when there is none, or slander. Do you see an end to this?

    I don't see an end, these people have been battling for hundreds of years, nothing much our governments do will stop them, you eliminate 2 or 3 and there are 5 or 6 more ready to martyr themselves in the name of Allah, more innocent people will die in all this nonsense, the key thing is, we mustn't let them win!

    I think they are winning. The world changed forever after 9/11. Did you ever travel by air prior? What about after? They've instilled fear. Even Australia, with only 400,000 Moslems, is not immune I saw a program about home-grown terrorists in the US and England. An English woman, a nurse in her '40's, left her family for a 20 year younger jihadist in Syria. These sympathizers keep popping up. The best way to combat them is though combined intelligence efforts and following through.

    They only win if they make you live your life in fear, I live a lot closer to all this crap than you, I know lots of Muslims (all nice ordinary people) but it seems some of the younger ones are becoming disillusioned with their chosen lot and the extremists find them easy to radicalise, this is sad and true and I can't see an end to it in my lifetime but I certainly wont change the way I lead my life or think about my life because of them, I will not live my life in fear of them.

    I get stubborn when somebody tells me what I can and can’t do, I’ll find a way to do it anyhow…..  Islam has no right to dictate how I believe or of anyone and theirs. Live and let live……...

    These people are not killing people in   the name of religion, even if there were no religions , they are lunatics who would find some other reason to carry out their murderess actions. 


    Except that we're not witnessing isolated cases of "lunatics" at work. What we have here is a growing group of madmen who are galvanized it comes...RELIGION. Can you name ONE other movement that can make this same claim ?

    I am with the french,,free speech should never be taken for granted,and free speech is worth dying for,i for one do not believe these people kill for their god,,these low life cretins kill because they want to kill,,if they are killing because of something said in the koran,then i am worried that others may read it the same way,,and if they believe the muslim god cannot stand up for himself without their help,,who the hell do they think they are, that any god would need the help of a puny human,,is there not a massive gap between what a God can do ,and what a human can do,,,Always nice talking,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Je suis Charlie,>>>>><<<<<<

    Count me among those who support free speech. It bothers me when my faith is caricaturized and ridiculed, but doesn't give me an excuse to murder. 

    This is so far overy the line, you can't even see the line anymore. 



    My thoughts, exactly. We are rational people; they're not. Rights of free speech aside, I wouldn't taunt a dog that is unleashed, for fear of being bit. Charlie Abdo, in spite of the murders weeks ago, decide to print more offensive material. This is a war we cannot win. The best we can do is to try to prevent further attacks and muster our intelligence resources and work together.

    I have a better idea. What if Muslims abandon Islam altogether ? This way, Charlie won't have Moe to mock any longer. 


    There's as much of a chance of that happening as you not looking like a black Groucho Marx!

    Clonge, I thought his avatar is Sammy Davis, Jr.

    Is RED the new BLACK ?

    When the fanatical Islamic Muslims stop killing everyone they disagree with, when they stop slaughtering Christians and turning Christian church's into Mosques (indeed an insult to the Christians and their God), then perhaps people will stop making fun of them and their God and Prophet. Free speech must never be stiffed just because someone gets hurt feelings. Do you not think people who are killed or the families of the murdered victims are not hurt because the killing was done in the name of some fictitious (my opinion) god or prophet? A cartoon caricature is no reason to kill people. It's no reason to cause destructive war on a whole society. The offended need to grow up, get a spine and let Mohammad protect himself (maybe his god can help him) if he is so offended as they think he is. There will always be religious fanatics that just can't take it when they or their religion/God/Prophet are ridiculed. These people can not be reasoned with. You have to just smack them down and crush them. There is no other way. I will not give up my liberties for such creatures. 

    "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it"  S. G. Tallentyre  

    Je suis Charlie

    Indoctrination+Hypnosis(to radicalize children & plant the seeds of destruction by their trusted teachers) Yields the results we see.  It is as if god had opened up their minds and gave those folks a commandment to go forth and kill. God gave all of us free will to choose for ourselves our way in this world. So, to me, I see this as the usurpation of the will of God by their indoctrination process. There are extremely harsh penalties for using this process.    


    Just what would those extremely harsh penalties be, Robert ?

    Guilt digger. If you don't know what that means, ask the universe for a little understanding of how morality vs guilt works. Many do not know how to free themselves of guilt and attempt to free themselves by hurling their guilt angrily onto others. As a result we have wars of self-loathing between two or more people. If no effort is made to end this mutual disrespect then one or both will die in response to their growing guilt. The survivor of such a struggle is likely to be so profoundly affected by their guilt that they may end their own life or radically change their view of life.

    It's true there is no winning but....We can't just let them dictate how we choose to live our lives. To h3ll with them I say. If they want to stay in the 14th century good luck to them but they can't be allowed to impose their rules on the rest of us.


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