I guess putting thumbtacks on teachers' seats went out of style a long time ago. What do you think about this?

    A group of fourth graders in New York are accused of plotting to kill their teacher.

    According to an incident report, three girls who attend Elba Elementary School devised a plan to kill their teacher with hand sanitizer after she yelled at them.

    In December just before winter break, the 9 and 10-year-old students planned to put it on things around the classroom that they knew the teacher would touch. The teacher banned antibacterial products in her classroom because she is highly allergic to them.

    Their plot was foiled when another student in the class learned of the plan and told their parents.

    The school contacted police who spoke with the students and their parents. According to the New York Daily News police had found little motive for the scheme beyond the fact that the children said the teacher "is mean."

    No charges were filed against the girls. Police handed the case over to the school board which suspended two of the students. 

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    I wanted to but jeez, I was too terrified of the consequences (my mother) if I got caught!


    and my dad !

    My dad was actually my stepfather. There were four of us, he left the discipline up to my mother. I still quake in my boots thinking of displeasing her.....

    I think the parents need to get more involved with their children. They might need to find out if counseling is needed or if their parenting skills need to be upgraded. It's time to give child discipline back to the parents. The government is failing on raising everyone's kids. 

    Those kids are numb to killing and don't see it as real, b/c they see it all the time on TV shows, movies, and the video games they play . They see their parents sittin' around watching all those murder shows too. They should have brought charges against those kids. Now, the kids will feel free to do other dangerous acts, b/c nothing will happen to them.

    Learning how to get along with others should not be a trial-by-fire. We all learn in different ways, not always the best ways. Developmental psychology is best brought out as a mandatory class in all school grades. It is essential to learn how to get along with others and life has demonstrated the profoundly obvious need in everyone's life. Why else do we have more people in prison than any country on earth?

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