40 prominent politicians marched in unity over the recent attacks in France, including Prime Ministers Netanyahu

    Blair and Merkel. The U.S. was not represented. Thoughts?

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    No one at all???? I think it shows a definite lack of class. Like being caught with one's pants down while everyone else has their's zipped and buckled. I see no excuse.......

    I understand Holder and the Ambassador to France were there.  Was there any golfing incentives, no, thus no Obama... 


    Holder was in France but did not participate in the march. He supposedly had to leave because he was expected home Sunday afternoon.

    My thought and opinion is, the administration made a decision to not rock the boat with ISIS and chose to stay way from the show of solidarity against terrorism even though the US is suppose to be the world leader in the fight against terrorism. If this was their plan, it's backfired with the hack on Centcom today and a renewed message (also today) from ISIS to it's followers in the USA, to "rise up and kill intelligence officers, police officers, soldiers, and civilians." 

    Official word from the WH is, "Yes, we should have sent someone" but added this: " Obama himself would have liked to attend the march "had the circumstances been a little different." But planning began Friday night, 36 hours before the event began, and there wasn't enough time for the "onerous and significant" security work that needed to take place ahead of a presidential visit, Earnest said. He said Obama's presence also would have meant extra restrictions on the people who were there."

    The administration apparently felt the US was represented through our French Ambassador however. 

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