Do you have a dash cam in your car.

    I'm seriously considering one.With all of these idiots riding bicycles on the road & since they are changing all of the road rules to suit them I think it would be a good investment.

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    I thought it was only for cops. You can actually go out and buy one ?

    Sure you can.They start at about $69.easy to install,they plug into your cigarette lighter.Simple.

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    Not a bad idea. I hope to be driving soon and a dash cam could come in handy.....


    Answers x 2 = Tus x 2. :)

    jh, Do you have a car ?

    I do now….

    No. We are finally getting dedicated lanes for bicycle riders, a good idea that is long overdue. Hopefully, that will prove to be an encouragement in sharing the roadways.


    We already have them & they don't work because the cyclists are not required to stay within the lane. Ridiculous!!!

    Well, that sure defeats the whole purpose. Unfortunately, we can make all kinds of laws and if they're never enforced, it hardly matters. We'll soon know if they work here or not.
    Grit Savage

    We have them in Sydney (at a cost of millions) and the cyclists rarely use them preferring to cut through the busy traffic while ignoring the most basic of road rules.

    Ours are being built, only when a road needs repair or re-construction. They are added on at that time. They have been requested/suggested by an avid group of cyclists along with a bicycle shop owner, for several years. Hopefully, they will be equally vocal about their proper use.

    There aren't many bicyclists around here , b/c everybody drives crazy and too fast. There are a few like me, who ride around their subdivision for exercise and to enjoy the outdoors......but not in the winter.

    Crikey! No dash on the bikey!

    Not yet Tom,but the wife and i have been talking about getting one,,they don't cost that much,and they could come in handy,,,by the way Tom,in case this site shuts down,would you mind exchanging email addresses,i believe Roy has yours,,if you agree,let Roy know and he can send it to me and i will flip mine back to you,,thanks mate,i would just like to stay in touch if the site shuts down or we go to a new site.... 


    Will do Terry.CB has my email & so does phyllis.I'll let them know.
    terryfossil 1

    Thanks Mate,,

    There are good and bad cyclists and good and bad car drivers. I'm good at both, so I don't  have a problem, well not with myself  anyway. . 



    I have a pedometer does this count?


    What the bl**dy hell is a pedometer??LOL
    country bumpkin

    Haha! It's about the size of a watch face with a clip on the back that clips to the waist of your pants. It counts each step taken while walking and can also be programmed to count amount of calories burned while walking etc.

    Get a GoPro to use when cycling for evidence against crazy car drivers.

    Car drivers why not simply mow annoying cyclists down and save yourselves money?


    The potential $ from winning lawsuits, would far outweigh dash cams.

    Seriously considering getting one to stick on my helmet, the amount of people who don't use their mirrors is unbelievable, as well as all the folk texting/facebooking, talking on the phone, watching movies on their tablets, reading books etc it gets rather scary. not as bad as this, Yet.  :-)

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