Why are people so convinced that our president of a Muslim?

    Hey took the oath with his hand in top of the Bible that Martin Luther King has owned and carried when he spoke.   So no, it wasn't the Quran.....

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    I always thought the USA was land of the free to speak have any religion you wanted.. 



    So did I....

    Self admitted that he was raised Muslim, he switched to Christian and spent 20+ years in a church where Pastor Wright preached hate.   Why is he so in-tuned with Al Sharptin where he  is a known racist and instigator of hate going back over 40 years, and owes the federal g'ment over 4 million $$$ and refuses to pay it. 

    Sorry but our president is totally out of control, considers his followers as his minions and his ego places him several levels over God, as a matter of fact, he thinks God works for him.


    What amazes me is  the followers at his feet are blinded by their own refusal to look at the facts and stand up for themselves.  Obama is a social experiment by the liberal democrats as they gain knowledge of how to market their socialist agenda. And they are winning.  Now they are talking about allowing 16 year olds voting rights. Obviously because they have been conditioned by liberal education system and peers.  A one party system is their goal, end result is a dictatorship, more career politicians, longer presidential (dictatorship) lasting 16 years.  taxes at 87%  Eventually, those that put them in office (the unknowing) will be dumped.  The future  of the US is bleak at best if liberal policies are to remain. 

    Because, according to this, he says he is 


    Gee....I wondered about that also! ""

    He went to muslim school and prayed to muslim bible. This he admitted. His muslim name.


    When and where?

    People can change their religion or preferably reject religion totally.

    Yeah, what nom said.....

    Yes, it was easier to run for president as a Christian and not as a follower of Islam. Let's remember who his Reverend was however, (not much better than an Islamic fanatic in my mind)

    It is interesting to speculate whether an atheist or a Muslim would ever run for president.

    Not so much would but could. The majority in this country identify with Christianity, whether they practice the religion or where just born into it. For some reason, Americans want to believe, unless one believes in God or more specifically, the Christian God, they can not be trusted. Yet look at all the leaders we've had that claim to be Christian yet have lied to the people and pushed agendas that are harmful to America and it's freedoms.

    i just watched a couple of the videos of Obama and muslims,,and i just gotta say,with all that evidence and with all the evidence from Obama's mouth,,,why are not the entire nation up in arms and rioting,,The FBI and CIA did not like Kennedy,look at the end result of that,,but with Obama ,,nothing,,,there seems to be something wrong with the evidence from both sides,,and i am not an expert in these things,,,  


    Because he has too many people in power protecting him. The democrats have spent the last 6 years lying for him and covering for him. Besides, it's not illegal in this country to be a Muslim and follow the Qur'an. It just would not win you a presidency if you admitted to being Muslim and a follower of the Qur'an.
    terryfossil 1

    if even half of those videos are true Colleen,,i do not know how ANY true American could vote for him..are you saying the FBI and CIA are supporting him,,,Always nice talking Colleen,,

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