Do you think Bill Cosby's reruns should have been taken off television?

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    No. Innocent until proven guilty. I can hardly believe that 25 women have remained silent for all these years to suddenly jump up all at once now and claim he assaulted them. These women if found to be lying should all be jailed. False claims of sexual assault make it harder for women who are truly assaulted to report the crime. I side with Phylicia Rashad's comments on this. Someone has a mad agenda to destroy his name. 

    Why Tabber,????do you think he is guilty,,maybe we should wait for the evidence before we find him guilty,,,we in Yobbo land can have a 50 cent bet each way,,because it will not effect us as we are not the ones going to jail.....


    terryfossil 1 i feel since he has not been charged in a court of law therefore, his reruns should not be taken off television.
    terryfossil 1

    Sorry Tabber,,,i misunderstood your comment..>>>>><<<<<<

    terryfossil 1 that's ok. i have read too quick at times on somebody's question and later after i answered it i realize i had misinterpreted the question. all in a days work and communications. have a great day!

    Maybe he will bring good effect to television, but it is hard to say take off television.

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