Do you agree with state of michigan wanting to drug test people receiving public assistance money ?

    I do.

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    I agree in principle, but I worry if their money disappears the crime rate may rise and innocent people will suffer, there are other solutions to this problem but that also comes with a cost.


    Name a few please.

    A few people?
    Or solutions?


    My politics lean far to the left of what most Americans will accept, so I will decline to answer this,money is the problem, the people are the answer, go figure!

    I have read that this policy of drug testing is not effective and has only cost a state more money. Recievers of assistance get debit cards, etc. Some have been seen with cards from several states! Until fraud can be rid of, I really see no answers! Sure hate seeing my taxes going for some sneaky people. It seems that if you really need help it is elusive!

    Money is the problem, the people have to believe, unfortunately there is too much greed in the world, this will never be solved until the real people rise and let their voices be heard, can't see that happening in this wee lifetime of mine, goodness knows I've tried.

    Almost any job you apply for these days require a drug test!  So why not test the  public assisted ? And then what ? If they are on drugs do we take the kids and toss the adults out to sea?  Then who takes care of the kids? I would love to hear a solution!


    That's what I said in my post. Great Michiganers think alike :-)

    I t sounds like a good idea, for statistical purposes, if nothing else. What to do about it is an open can of worms.



    Agreed, the plans some states have to give a one-time payout to then get them off welfare into the workforce to select candidates seems to work.

    There is a job prep class some people. .not all people. ..take to qualify for some aid, but there's no drug testing or help finding a job after completion. "Half-a**ed" at best.

    We have a friend who was alone with 2 toddlers after her husband ran off, she collected for 2 yrs. then was offered the plan of a 25K payout to never get assistance again. She rebuilt her life and just retired from Post Office with a great position and retirement. It changed her opportunities, more abused the sys than not, and it is no longer available in RI.

    @bustione....your friend did it the right way. Good for her!

    Yes we are very proud of her too...

    My aunt raised 8 kids and went to work as soon as the youngest was in school. She was a good woman, worked hard in and out of home, and never caught a break in life. Her husband disappeared and started a new life...including marriage, without divorcing my aunt. Aunt had a nervous breakdown when her youngest was killed by a drunk driver. She never recovered and dementia/alzheimer's set in. Here kids never let her down.

    Some poor souls have a lifelong struggle. :(

    Bob, that story sounds a lot like my mom's. The divorce, breakdown, kids in foster care, recovery, welfare, kids grow up, he forced sale of house, nursing home, cancer, death...

    I've had it so easy, especially considering the struggles I see and hear others endure, your mom, my aunt, countless others facing challenges I can't begin to understand .

    I agree. Substance abuse = denial of assistance.

    Add in booze and tobacco, why not?


    right......b/c some people sneak in alcoholic drinks, and drink at work.
    Same for marijuana. They go out to the car and smoke it, or eat their brownies.

    Even though they are not using their assistance on the booze,drugs, or tobacco, their kids are being denied something! That money, where ever it comes from should go to supporting their kids, or investing in a future for the family. Buying a car, paying bills, getting a job to get off assistance (like that is going to happen?).

    I've tried pot, don't care for it myself. However, YOU can smoke (eat) it, I'll even be of help.  Should they take away my $16 a month in SNAP assistance? What ever for? That $16 won't be getting anybody high.....

    How can you test people on social assistance for drug abuse without also testing for other addictions? With the assumption being that they are wasting their government assistance on drugs, wouldn't they need other "tests"? What about alcohol? Tobacco? Gambling? The list would be endless and who decides exactly what is a waste of money and what isn't? Maybe junk food or a movie, would be considered wasteful also?


    They may not be wasting and probably not spending the money on illegal drugs from the public assistance.. Alcohol. tobacco. gambling not illegal. I prefer they not receive anything if using illegal drugs. Why support a drug user ?

    Zorro makes a valid point. Who WANTS to support anyone using their assistance to buy drugs? One problem is the assistance is, for all intents and purposes, a "gift". One doesn't dictate the usage of a "gift". We hold people responsible for college loans, but hand over countless welfare dollars and get no accounting...hmmm

    Before I state my opinion here, I am NOT speaking of those with a disability who, for medical reasons, are unable to work.
    Whether being spent legally, illegally, carefully, or otherwise, it's impossible to monitor social assistance. There is always a way around any "system". How about monitoring other things? Proof of getting further education? Proof of looking for work every single day? How about receiving social assistance for a very specific number of months? How about social assistance being a one-time-only experience? We have people in Canada who have mothers/fathers who have never held a job, nor have their grandmothers/grandfathers! When it has become "generational" it indicates a major problem with our system of "helping". We are enabling and nothing more!

    I'v been regularly tested for drugs several times a year and I don't use any illegal drugs. I think it ticks off some folk to know I'm clean or suspect that I'm cheating. Most of the folk who do the testing seem to judge by appearances even though they are collecting evidence. These same folks get their samples mixed-up occasionally too. When suspicion is obvious, I ask if they would like to hold the cup. No one has taken me up on the offer.  

    I'm sure there are many people who have been on various street drugs are getting help from the state of California. The courts actually help people stay off illegal drugs and monitor their progress regularly.  

    Why not ? ........We have to get drug tested. Us common people who are not on drugs have to get drug tested to be qualified to be considered for a job that we've applied for. It's not a pleasant experience. They walk you to the bathroom , take your purse and anything else away from you . Stand there right outside an unlocked door, while you get a urine sample. Then, you open the door and give it to them.Then , they walk you back to a waiting room. Lots of companies drug test.


    How about states where "medical marijuana" is now legal? Would you want to go to a surgeon who is using? And do workers get to "take their medication" at break time?

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