Why do I have " drain flies " in my house ? I don't see them or their larva coming out of my drains. I keep my drains clean. Have you ever had them in your house ?

    ---could they come from some other source than the drains? I don't keep garbage in the house.

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    Lots of good info here J...

    Are they perhaps in the downpipe from the gutering to the drain from around the house m/c/m,??

    Do you have a garbage disposal?  They live on the debris which remains after you dispose of food there.  There is a great cleaner, it foams and deodorizes the unit.  We get it at the dollar store here, it is actually about $3.  Works great, we use it as needed, but once a week is recommended. 

    Dunno. We have the same problem off and on. take a small jar, add some vinegar and a drop of liquid soap, cover with plastic wrap and poke holes in the wrap. The vinegar draws the flies, soap makes ‘em stick. Kill the little ba*****s………….


    ok Thx. Hope it works for fleas too. Ha ha.
    Are you talking about the little flies that have a heart shaped pattern to their wings when the wings lay on their back ? ......Just to make sure we're on the same page.

    Don't use bleach if you have a septic tank, as it kills the good bugs that break down the contents.

    By septic tank, I mean the reservoir for waste water, not our American friends.

    Are you talking about gnats. Much smaller than a common fly.

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