What every US state is the worst at. How surprised are you? 

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    The question you asked a few hours ago has been removed because it's to similar to this question here that you asked three years ago.

    Question removed:|"The worst thing about living in each state. Does anything surprise you"?

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    'Worst Happy Hour' how bad is that? You might as well ask 'what country is worst at geography'. We all know the answer to that, don't we?.


    Oh this is so true.Geography outside North America does not seem to be a strong point.

    I think most Australians can answer the following question: "Which countries border Australia?" Now, if an average American was asked that, the answer might be Germany, Switzerland, Hungary.....and CHINA!

    Exactly. A lot of Americans will confuse it with Austria.

    It's a shame about Texas, I have been deceived. Oh, well. I didn't graduate. I got my GED and was in college before my class walked down that isle......


    Don't fret over it. You have more brains than a lot of grads!

    Thank you

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