The J class steam locomotive

    Back in 1994 Norfolk southern retired the J-611 from excursion service. shortly after that we found a website containing the J and its retirement. I would like to find that website again mainly because of the video of the last time it was under steam. The J had a very bold whistle, When they dumped the fire for the last time and she was losing steam that whistle became very weak with an eerie sort of sound..  Now that there restoring her again for new excursions I cannot find anything like that. Just the new restoration process going on. My wife and I rode this train several times and are pretty excited about her being put back on the rails. Could I get a few more eyes to help look for the old website or at least the video?? Class J Steam Locomotive  611Image result for j 611 pics

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    You tube "The Last Run of the N&W 611"

    part 1 

    Part 2 

    Part 3  


    If you're interested, this is the restoration video 

    After a bit more searching, I found this website that contains the video (that I think you were referencing). Hopefully this is the website you've been searching for: 



    Thanks Colleen, that was exactly what I was looking for. I guess I needed a little more patience when looking for this.

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