Do you think SONY should still try to show the movie "Interview" since no theaters would show it and they had to cancel Christmas day opening?

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    The Germans don't like us making movies of the two world wars but they still get made and are popular, Sony shouldn't have pulled the movie because of some mysterious hackers, we shouldn't pander to these people, this is just what they want.

    They tell me the film is crap anyway.

    Ridiculous, truly. Freedom of speech and all that. I'd go see it just because......

    Would anyone want to be responsible for the death of many people after being warned that that may happen? The repercussions of such an action, would be far reaching and forever! Over a movie? I can hardly blame Sony. They are between a rock and a hard place.

    Although we have freedom of speech, that doesn't outweigh the threats against the safety of movie goers. 

    I think they should show the movie. I don't believe a communist country should decide what Americans can view! I will also add I have not been a movie theater in 30 years!


    Waiting for the DVD then?
    LOL ;)

    They should NOT be able to dictate to Americans, Canadians and all the other countries with movie theaters. However, if you were the head of Sony, and 10, 20, 50 people died in movie theaters, how would you respond to that? You know that YOU and only YOU, would be blamed and your own life would never be the same. How would you feel then?

    Hypothetical arguments never win, what if will always be what if.
    We would never go out again if we listened to the scaremongering governments and media.

    I still wouldn't want the responsibility of this decision. I personally would never forgive myself. It's a movie....nothing more.

    I think if you listen to the latest news you might change your mind.

    There's more? Oh all right, I'll tune in. Admittedly, I haven't paid much attention to the latest. :(

    Exactly....just watched all of it on the supper time news hour. I still won't go to see the movie. There cannot be a winner in any of this anyway....just more bad feelings all around. :(

    What... and risk a nuclear attack? LOL! ""

    We...All-Of-US personally OWN FREE Speech. We got this way by disavowing our former masters and gaining self-respect in the process. It has been a long, hard fought battle to get to this point in our history and bowing down to that guy who thinks he can sweep God under his feet like a cowering puppy to rule is pathetically under-whelming. Why are we talking to that? We are on a global stage and a compliant is heard from a slave state on the other side of the planet threatening themselves with a gag while holding a gun to their heads for attention. Don't bother sending them Bibles, send them psychiatry books.     

    The Interview is set to be shown on Crackle (an internet website) for free. 

    I did side with and support Sony up until yesterday when I saw the announcement that they are going to give Al Shaprton  a say in the movies that they produce. I am now boycotting Sony. Al Sharpton is more dangerous to people than a cyber threat.


    Hi Colleen .

    Hello. Merry Christmas to you.

    I don't think they should show the movie anywhere, b/c the lead character says, " Let's kill  ( the N .Koren President !! " )

    Don't know how to spell his name. It's  Kim Jung Eel, I think .  Anyway , don't we have enough problems in this country ( the U.S. ) without our actors and producers putting out inflammatory movies toward other governments ?


    Heard today on the news, they're actually going to show this movie in certain select theaters. Maybe artsy theaters.

    MCM, the guy missed a putt so he had the maker severely punished... Think of the remark as "mental revenge". It's a thought......

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