Do you think it's safe and / or wise for Prince William, and his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge to come here to the U.S. for a visit to New York City ; and to Washington D.C. ?

    I worry about  their visit, b/c there's so many crazies here. Look at what happened at the Boston Marathon a couple years ago. And last night, here in the Detroit area, after the Amtrack train went thru here to it's next destination, someone on the train started stabbing everyone in site.   I wish they wouldn't come, for their sake.......especially now that they're going to be parents twice over to two darling little children who need them .

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    Chances are, they are going to have a large entourage of aids, maids, and security, added to what we will provide for them, and their safety will be as secure as if they were home in their own gigantic beds.  

    What a horrible event on the train.   


    Yep, the good ole British taxpayer pays for some of the best security in the world for them to do their "work" abroad and at home.

    @ROMOS....Some of those ribbon cutting scissors can be very heavy! Don't make fun. :)

    Just as safe as our dignitaries visiting the Olympics abroad.  Shoot, I'D love to visit N.Y..  Their coming shows good taste, style, and opened mindedness......


    Yes, it does. I hope They will be safe. I'd like to travel too, especially to the U.K.

    Why not? They'll be safer than the average citizen on a lot of streets in the U.S.A. and Canada.

    Terrorism is meant to terrorize! The train stabbing was right outside Niles,Mi. about 20 miles from my home. The number stabbed was 4.  The suspect was tazered and NOT shot by our local police. The man has mental issues and is a veteran.  A sad sorry happening!

    If anything were to happen the fallout would be huge. it would give the mainstream media the opportunity to turn the xenophobia dial to max. its currently around medium. ;-)  

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