Are you surprised by the violent reaction in Ferguson, Missouri?

    I'm not. Black Friday might come early. Just raid the stores, and maybe a free turkey for the family for thanksgiving! Also, the stores might close for good and the citizens will complain that they have to go so far to shop for the basics.

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    Not surprised at all. The intelligence of the protestors is obvious as they got busy and destroyed several businesses, owned by black people! Their point is? Can anyone really believe that this is a case of an officer simply gunning down a poor, innocent child who did nothing wrong? Well maybe....if they refuse to listen to the facts. Mob mentality kicks in yet again.



    What do we suppose that this has done to the life of the officer and his family? He has been crucified because of HIS skin color, by people who refuse to listen.

    No Clonge, nobody is going to be surprised,,not even the cops or the government,,But for all the black people protesting peacefully,,that is their right,but for the fringe dwellers that come with them,,,they are only there to smash and steal,,they make all the other black people look bad..

    I expected the rioting.  Watching the announcement I noticed the "Season's Greetings" banner above the crowd.  I see the Christmas season means nothing  there. I guess that is why they waited so late in the night to say the verdict. (Rounding up the troops) and I suppose notifying police departments in other cities to be ready! Sad

    The whole system is broken, this was going to happen no matter what the truth of the situation is and it'll happen more often. :-/

    I expected it no matter what the verdict. Was I the only one who listened to the speech leading up to the not-guilty verdict? I did not matter, like I wrote……...


    I listened to it....the protestors didn't, because their minds are already made up....don't confuse them with the facts!

    Of course I expected it, so did everyone else, why else have over 700 cops on standby and the national guard awaiting a call from the gov. 

    Sad thing is that everyone has a right to protest anything they seem fit but unfortunately, this is not a protest, it's a riot, there's a difference.  When I see black AND white people breaking glass windows, catching businesses afire, cars on fire, gunshots heard, you must realize whatever the protest, it loses its impact when thugs take to the streets. 

    When you have a guy like Al Sharptin that instigates riots and a president that doesn't like laws, he goes over them, this sends the wrong message.  These people want to be treated as equal, they are! equal to any other criminal that would cause damage and hurt another being.

    As for the verdict, I was very open to either way, simply because I believe in the constitution and I believe that innocent until proven guilty.  So.. This is the system, deal with it, they were going to riot regardless of the outcome. I can not understand why people that act like idiots and criminals get pissed off when they are treated as so. How is stealing a TV or a pair of Jordan sneakers going to help in your quest to gain respect from the law.    Here's a hint.  When a cop says lay down arms behind your back, you do that! and then you won't get shot.  The cop was on trial for doing his duty. He has a right to protect himself.  He is now a marked man, where can he go??


    Good points, Vinny. I feel for the officer and his family. He did what he was trained to do, what he needed to do, and now his life is upside down, with the president suggesting there needs to be a federal investigation. Why bother with a grand jury if the president wants to keep the pot stirred? How much do you think the press would have sensationalized this if the perpetrator had been Caucasian?

    If it were black on white you hear nothing, you need to search it out. Not long ago there were two white newly weds that were robbed, the girl was raped and both stabbed to death. A very good friend of mine was raped and strangled then left in a ditch, body recovered 3 weeks later, 3 blacks. (1987- Hamilton Ohio, Deborah Pooley)

    She sounds just like a friend one would love completely. .. and he's a "serial rapist". There are many victims in this case.

    She was a very good friend. Not to over exemplify Debbie but she was the life of the party, we went everywhere together. Never had a bad word for anyone. Whenever I am reminded of her I become more and more angry. The murderer escaped the death penalty once already, now going for a second appeal. He will live out his life in the comforts of prison, 3 meals, healthcare, movie night, He has a better life than some on the streets, no wonder they commit these terrible crimes. Sorry, but I believe 'an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth'. Like olden medieval days, put their head on a stick on the outside of the village so that wrong doers get a message.

    Michael Brown.

    Now being said a civil rights hero by the scumbags that supported him. Here is the problem . The police should have been more forceful trying to contain these scumbags last night. All this looting protesting shows what kind of idiots these people are. Which leads to the lack of intelligence showing. They cannot distinguish the difference between right and wrong. When there are race pimps like Sharpton around , you know there will be a following of scumbags trashing society. I feel sorry for the family. For all the good they tried teaching their teach about being a good person, he failed to conform to society needs , beliefs , and expectation, and got himself killed. That happens when people exhibit dangerous behavior .After seeing Charlee Sheen comments , I will no longer watch any of his shows. Why did blacks have to destroy the stores? Because they are stupid. I saw the looters on tv. All black people trashing their stores. Not one white person was shown doing this. Why? It doesn't matter what color , they should have been gassed immediately to protect property. 

    There are standards that all police officers have to pass. Cant have criminal background, which probably eliminates most black citizens around there. That's why there are not many black officers, they cant meet standards.


    Didn't hear what Charlie Sheen said but he does enjoy being "in the news" for one reason or another.

    I'm not as convicted as that, but a serial rapist like that guy has no business living a life of "leisure". Many others just like him. No good on the streets, no value in prison.

    I'm not surprised, either.  What sickens me the most is the comments made by our entertaining president in Chicago this afternoon about needing to step in on a federal level to dictate state matters. 
    Grand juries are not public forums.  What they hear and what they discuss in session is private.  The transcript is now available, and it would behoove the rioting "community" or whoever they are to get with their venerated instigator and peruse those documents. 

    The president could have done EVERYTHING to stop the rioting by acknowledging that police departments ARE NOT the killing machines he has encouraged the people of Ferguson to think they are.  He could have condemned the destruction and rioting and looting.  He could have said that the proper procedures were followed....oh, but wait....following proper procedures is not important to him in the first place.  Instead, he plays the race card.  He's probably Sharpton's first cousin. 

    The whole idea of "equal" representation for city councils, police and fire departments, and other governing and/or protective resources is absurd.  THERE AREN'T ANY BLACK PEOPLE APPLYING TO BE POLICE OFFICERS IN FERGUSON.   

    Does someone honestly believe the officer who shot Brown just randomly decided that he was going to go out and look for a black guy to kill?  Brown had just belligerently robbed a store, was walking in the middle of a street, and was obnoxious and confrontational to a police officer.  The good buddy with him lied through his teeth to the grand jury.  THREE autopsies verified Brown was NOT shot in the back once, let alone repeatedly at close range. 

    AUGH.   I'm sorry I'm going on about this.  It's a disgusting situation when due process of the law is met with this kind of civil disobedience and the president of the United States suggests that the police department is at fault.  DISGUSTING

    The most intimidating legal device for use on police and all other social malcontents is a hand held electronic camera like many handheld phones have built-in. This progressively available personal technology can easily out preform any person with verifiable facts.That Witness in your pocket and recording an event is one item we all need to record the facts especially where your personal freedom is at stake.   When a couple of guys tried to rob me, I simply pointed out 2 of the three cameras surveilling the immediate area and they ran away. I told the police and they got the recordings and the would-be-robbers were in jail two weeks later. This is why there are so many people in jail in the USA and why we actually need more cameras on the streets...and on your person. 


    People like these scumbags want to be able to express their feelings by destroying property. Videotaping they would say violates their civil rights. In other words it convicts them faster without a doubt.

    All the more reason for small, obscure, camera phones. Legally free people are obliged to bear witness openly and better than with a camera phone.

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