CLONGE brought it up. So what were YOU doing when Kennedy was assassinated?

    I don’t remember hearing it but I do remember crying and crying and crying…….

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    Uhm, my mom was only 11 when he was assassinated.  LOL

    I was in bed.It was early morning when the news filtered down to here.I heard my father talking about it to the neighbour.I couldn't believe it.He was a very popular guy,even down here.

    I was home from school for lunch. I saw the news flashes on TV and stayed home to watch. I graduated in 1964 so I do remember it well! This was one of the saddest days in history to me until 911.  Maybe worse things happened but these are my feelings.


    It was monumental Lu. I was 15 & I was devastated.

    I was home, turned on the tv and heard..."President Kennedy has been shot". What? It was shocking and sad.       :(

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    Hey Duck,,is saying d**n swearing..????????

    Yep. I know it's on tv too, but we've always kept everything that even comes "close" to swearing, off the forum. (h**l and d**m and s**t, etc.) It's just easier to be consistent instead of making a guessing game/judgement call, out of every word.
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    So Aussie slang ,,Bugger,Mongrel.Bloody,,do they come under the same banner,,,,?????????????

    Just don't use slang of that nature and you won't have to worry about it.

    My buddy and I had recently gotten out of the army and were deer hunting. At the end of the day we heard about it on our car radio while going home. I remember how upset my mother was.

     I was sitting in 9th grade algebra class. First, the principal announced over the speaker to all the rooms, that the prez had been shot. Soon , he announced he was dead.  We were all quiet and shocked..So was the teacher.   :-(

    What a funny question,,i thought about it, and d***,i do not remember the day he got shot,,i would have been 13 years old,,and i have no idea...>>>><<<<<

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