can you pre cook a turkey to almost done, refrigerate it and finish cooking it the next day?

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    SO GLAD YOU ASKED!   Per the University of Delaware:

    Can I Partially Roast The Turkey One Day, Then Finish Cooking It The Next Day?

    No!  This is a dangerous practice since bacteria have an added chance to grow with such cooking.  Turkey flesh would tend to be in the danger zone (60°F – 140°F) for more than 4 hours.  If Staphylococcus aureus, for example, are present, a toxin is produced, which causes one type of food poisoning.  The delayed cooking mentioned would contribute to the danger.

    Determine the time needed to roast turkey and add about 30 to 45 minutes.  The bird is easier to carve if allowed to stand for this length of time after roasting.  Complete roasting all at one time, even if it means setting our alarm clock to get you up earlier than usual.

    Can Turkey Be Roasted At A Low Temperature All Night?

    This, too, is a dangerous practice.  The cooking temperature would not entirely allow for destruction of harmful bacteria and might well result in increased growth of microorganisms.

    Is It All Right To Stuff Turkey The Night Before, Then Roast It Next Morning?

    This is not a safe practice.  The refrigerated, stuffed turkey would still be a potential hazard, possibly harboring food spoilage bacteria.  If you make stuffing ahead, store it separately in the refrigerator.  Stuff bird just before roasting.  Fill body cavity and base of neck lightly; this allows room for stuffing to expand and heat to penetrate more readily.


    Author:  Sue Snider, Ph.D.
    Professor/Food Safety and Nutrition Specialist


    Yep, just what I thought!

    Me too. Probably lots wonder why, though


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