What do you think about stores being open on Thanksgiving?

    Shouldn't it be all about giving thanks and being with your friends and family?

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    Some people don't have a family ( like me ) and some people have all their family living out of state.
    I don't mind Thanksgiving stores being open, but I don't think they should be open on Easter and Christmas. And the day is fastly approaching when they'll be open on Christmas........The casino sure is.

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    Nothing is sacred any more, they're even open at Christmas in the UK, greed knows no bounds.

    Special days with family and friends, have become fewer and fewer for a lot of people. Families are spread out across the miles more than ever before and lots are thankful just to have contact via Skype. Sad isn't it? Many are relieved to find the stores open, just to have something to do...doesn't make it right though.   :(    




      I think people should be able to spend time with their families on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. 

    It goes without saying the hospitals must stay open on holidays, but most other businesses should remain closed.

    I think it sucks!   People pleading to big corporations as if they have ears and a heart.  People do not run big corporations, computers do.  Stockholders only see $$, if they see a chance to make $$$ they will jump on it, makes no difference what day it is. 

    sad though, that this shows family values now take second seat to profits.

    The Day was always a family thing to me. Everyone should be with their family on the Day. But, my family has gone from 7 to 3 (more is you count deceased grandparents) and we’re all spread out. I’m glad the stores are opened so I have something to celebrate…………..

    Its one way of keeping warm if you can not afford the fual biil,


    Ye widny like it up here Dougal.

    Many years ago I worked in a "convenience type" store that was open 365 days a year. If we wanted to keep our jobs we had to work. I swore I would never shop on a major holiday because I would be part of the reason some employees couldn't be with their family. The stores are only open those days because it is so profitable for them.


    Hey Flip! How are you doing? :)

    Doing fine Ducky. Thanks for asking. :o)

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