Obama who ????????????????????????????????

    I would like to make an apology for what i am about to say to the americans on AKA,,,President Obama has left Australia from the G20,,,i would like you to have him back safe and sound,,,bit please keep him with you,,thank you..>>>>>><<<<<<<<

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    I'm sure many of you Aussies were thinking "Good riddance", as I do whenever he leaves the Oval Office or the USA.  

    Many still think Bill and Hilary walk on water, too, but sometimes sewage is so thick it might actually appear that way.   




    Duly noted and corrected. Thank you, proofreader-at-large.

    I'm sure you'll hear their thanks resounding down under.

    terryfossil 1

    i doubt it,unless we are just trying to be polite.....

    Terry, according to seven news, President  Obama was a big hit with Brisbanits, i must admit a little over the top with that many cars in his motorcade, he made our Prime Minister look like an idiot as usual. :)

    terryfossil 1

    thats only media hype Bullet,,he reckons he learnt how to talk strine,,yeah right,,the mans a walking talking monument to himself..everything he promises to do,,he cannot,,he cannot get anything through his own government,,and he is about to get elected out,,so anything he says or promises will never happen,,as we say in Aussie he "Talks a good fight " ..all that talk about global warming,,china is not going to change anything,,and neither is he..

    So, who was entertained by the "leader of the free world"?
    terryfossil 1

    I give up Bob,,Who???????????

    Bulletman.... waiting on you for "who".

    MsBob 'WHO'

    Who was so entertained by the absolutely worst president in the history of the United States?

    MsBob, as am outsider i found him an amazing man, a great orator, he surely had us Aussies clinging too every word he said. :)
    terryfossil 1

    Whoa Bulletman,,Most of us in Brisbane do not give two figs about him,most of us cared so much that brisbane became a ghost town as we all headed for the coast and the beach,,,we were supposed to be honoured by the greatest man from the greatest country in the world telling us how to run our country and how to fix our country,,,Maybe he should take the log out of his eye,,Before he tries to take the splinter out of our eye,,,,Always nice talking Bulletman..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<

    Rumor has it Mr. Obama is ice cold off the camera and doesn't know how to interact with other people. It reminds me of how Drew Carey was so smiley and cordial while the camera was on, but turned off the charm the moment the "ON AIR" light went off at "The Price Is Right".
    I still think he is a good guy, basically, but I'm not as impressed as I once was. Obama, on the other hand, fooled people with his smooth rhetoric and bright smile. What he did last night (11/20/14) regarding the illegal immigrants should be an outrage to every American and legal immigrant.

    Actually, I’m glad he did the visit thingy. I like him as a man and a speaker. I do hope the majority of Oz liked him. He’s good for a little entertainment……...


    Mr. Hollywood? :)

    He is supposed to be the nation's leader, a representative for you and me. I don't need a stand-up comedian in charge of my welfare.

    If it were up to the republicans, “I” wouldn’t get welfare…….

    That's what the Democrats would have you believe.
    My comment has nothing to do with politics; you said the president of the United States is good for entertainment. I don't find that assessment too reassuring. I don't need a president who plays the saxophone and has affairs with interns, either. I need a president who sets a good example of a human being with morals and integrity, one who embraces "The buck stops here" instead of passing the blame elsewhere. It's all good and fine to help people in need, but it's not all good and fine to expect the people who are able to work hard and take care of themselves and their families to have the obligation to support the rest of us, too.
    Who "owes" the indigent?

    I paid 35 years worth of taxes, I’m entitled to what I get, thank you very much, and what I need to be alive……… No one owes me, I paid for myself……...

    And that's because of Democrats? I really want to understand your reasoning and the facts that back up what you are saying. I am open-minded to this, Julie. Please email me how the Republicans don't want you to have what you have earned and the Democrats do.

    You’re putting words into my mouth again. You are a republican, I am a democrat and nothing is going to change either one of us. If I though fact would change you, I’d go all out and post them. Lets just remain friends and forget about political views……
    terryfossil 1

    I agree JH,,i have paid a lot of taxes 50 years of work,,now i am stuck together by metal screws and rods,,but i am asset rich and cash poor,so i apply for a disability pension,,they said no,,but a muslim radical went overseas to fight for the radicals,,and he was still being payed a disability pension,,and he was never going to be an Aussie,,do not even know why the mongrel came here..i believe the government have revoked his passport,,so he will probably die over there,>>>><<<<<<
    terryfossil 1

    Hey JH,,You blokes have got the exact same problem as we have here,,in Aussie we have Labor and liberal,,Labor people tend to vote Labor because their family have always voted Labor,,or because they believe Labour is for the working man,,Labor used to be ,,but not for a long time now,,Labor people seem to think "Whats in it for me"..Liberal people seem to say "whats in it for the country "..At the end of the day, Aussie is still here..and we have swapped Governments since 1901..ME,,i lean towards Liberal,and for one reason only,,Liberals come from business,,,so they know how to make money,,,their greed will drive them to grow their businesses,,therefore giving the worker a job,,therefore adding to the wealth of the country,,that is my theory ..and it is only a theory,,,Always nice talking,,>>>>><<<<<<

    I tend to think of the "liberal" or "democrat" bunch as the ones who want to tax people to tears and fund welfare programs for a lot of people who haven't contributed anything except numerous children.
    The "conservative" or "republican" party impresses me as the one who wants to keep taxes low; yes, especially for business, which will encourage them to STAY IN AMERICA or COME BACK (along with JOBS), and would rather TEACH PEOPLE TO FISH than just GIVE THEM THE FISH.
    Maybe I'm wrong. It wouldn't be the first time.
    terryfossil 1

    @ Miss Bob,, Our Liberal's are called conservatives,,honestly Bob, voting is cr*p..for all the years you guys have been there,,and all the different party's ,,and you are all still there,,even after the economic crash,that started with you guys,,your economic currency worldwide is still up there,the only reason our country did not die with other countries,our government had a regulator on our Banks,,So all and all,,we roll on to the beat of the drum,,,we are all the same,,excerpt for dictatorship countries...Always nice talking Bob

    LOL!!  And we were kinda hoping you would keep him and send us a Roo in his place to run things  up here.  LOL!!!

    No apologies necessary. Im sure members of the irs, black panther party, al Sharpton, rev. Jackson, want him back asap.

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