Who was the best heavy weight boxer ever,??

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    Marciana 48,fights never beating,and he bust the blood vessels in some of his oppnants arms,

    Not as classy as Ali.

    I think that Muhammed Ali certainly created more interest in the sport of boxing than did any other boxer. I always enjoyed his "bragging ways" because I believed that he did so with a sense of humor. Even HE didn't believe the wonderful things he was saying about himself. And he was a great boxer!   :)


    Yes certainly the thiller in Minilar,was one great fight,

    Ropa Dope?

    World's greatest heavyweights!     

    Muhammed Ali, Joe Louis are 1 and 2 on the list, but there are other lists that rank them otherwise.  I think it is truly a matter of opinion. 


    Hm, id put Marciana Joe Louis and Muhammed Ali.

    This article picked Ali partly based on the quality of his opposition

    Mike Tyson knocked out a lot of people too. But, he was a jerk.

    Ali lives near me! I think he was a great boxer and him and his wife have given this area a lot of support! Sadly now he has poor health and I'm sure alot of it has to do with his career!   Blows to the head will haunt sports veterans forever!


    I even remember when he was Cassius Clay!

    Yes , I did hear that he lives in central Michigan, but don't know how he got there. We saw him make a presentation once in Hudsons Dept Store, but he was already so far gone with Parkinsons, that it was sad :-(

    George Foreman was a great heavy-weight champ AND a gentleman.


    Yes you are right there m/c/m,i belive he turned religious,and have you brought one of his grills,??

    There are many lists of "top ten", so it is certainly a matter of opinion. Ali was "so far gone"? The fact he showed up despite the ravages of Parkinson disease speaks volumes of his strength and character, two qualities of a champion. Sometimes, I wonder if your tactless sounding comments are naive or worse.

    Ali and our Henry Cooper were friends for years Bob,allas our Henry died on us,

    Many legends are gone, hector; today's "heroes" don't impress me as much....maybe it's my advancing years, or increased cynicism. :(

    We have our local ex-boxer Vinny Paz, who came back from a broken neck to fight some more.  Tough, or stupid, you decide...



    I'll vote for a little of each. I can't think of any amount of money that is worth dying for nor being permanently disabled.

    Well I'll give our Henry a  mention , he was I think the only one to put Ali on the floor. 


    Are yes Roy, I remember now.

    Who's Roy Dave?????????

    Romos Roy, you Dennis, me Dave.

    FLOAT LIKE A BUTTERFLY STING LIKE A BEE... The Great Muhhamed Ali!!  He was quite a character. His Daughter also became a Boxer. 


    He sure was a chrarictor Starlite,

    Ali was the only boxer that could knock you out while moving on the back foot,he had speed timing and power,and the class of fighters he fought was unheard his prime he was unbeatable..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..Muhammad Ali's five best fights - ABC News

    Ernie Terrell just died aged 75, onetime heavyweight champion. He was beaten in 1967 by Muhammed Ali.

    Joe Louis Was the best heavy weight boxer, You base it on the quality of the other boxer he fought.


    He was ceataily up thier amoug the greats,its a pity that in hes day boxers were not paid as much prise money,i believe he tried to make a come back as a wrestler,??

    ....the only one who retired undefeated

    ....Rocky Marciano

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