Have you ever heard ................?

    Have you ever heard kitty footsteps or a cat's voice after your cat died ?  Today, TWICE  I heard a cat's footsteps running up my wooden  basement steps . No cat was there. My one cat was in the basement. She's sick. My other cat was outside briefly. I had just let her outside. My 3rd cat was put to sleep about 3 weeks ago. I miss him   :-(

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    No, I've never heard kitty footsteps or mewing, but my kitty (seriously, my first real house cat) is still with me.  Her mewing can really get on my nerves sometimes, but I love how she curls up right next to me on the couch and almost always would rather be hanging out with me than anywhere else. :D


    that's the way Tigger was.......the one that had to be put to sleep 3 weeks ago. His main goal was to be as physically close to me as he could and to be with me 24/7 . It's nice to be loved. He was 14 and his kidneys failed. The woman vet said his one kidney was so small and underdeveloped that she doubted if it ever functioned. He was a big orange mail. I prefer to call his color a burnished copper color.

    Wonderful memories of a beloved friend. I lost a cat to kidney obstruction, suddenly and heartbreaking.
    Embrace your mourning, but don't let it envelope you

    I KNOW M/C/M ,i still miss Charlie the wild cat,he brought a toy mouse and put it on the back doorstep a few days before he died,Ithink it was for the way we fed him every day,and the box we put out for his home,


    that's sweet, Dennis .

    Oh, yes, I’ve heard many a pet. Dog chains & collars, kitty meows far away. Yep. Funny, I have yet to be aware of anyone in my family that has passed…...


    My husband's spirit was very active after he passed. He visited me 5 X !! and my mom's spirit used to nudge against my bed and wake me up. .........or it felt like someone was pulling on the covers. I told my cousin that and she said, " Pulling up the covers " I said, yes that would be a mother's natural inclination , wouldn't it ? ....... checking on their child at night and pulling up the covers.

    Spooky, I’ve envious. I don’t even dream of my family.

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