why wont goverment lower gas tax?

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    must say the governments, both state and federal, need the tax money to repair and build highways. California passed a referendum prohibiting the use of highway funds for anything other than rebuilding and repairs. We got tired of the legislators stealing money from our road taxes and spending on their respective constituents. Now, CA has the worse highways ever because of it.
    The politicians can get away with it because large numbers of people do not even know they are paying a tax on gas. They want the money so they can spend on constituent favors (money for hiking trails, research money, highway improvement or construction, etc. etc. etc. and on and on and on sd infinatum) as well as special interests who support their campaigns. It is all about getting re-elected. We are all a cause of the financial collapse, not just the politicians.
    Why won't they lower any taxes? Same answer, it's all free money to them, they haven't ever had to be held accountable for the way they spend our tax dollars, not in my lifetime anyway... I'm hoping that this will change soon because of the outrageous debt our country owes.


    the change is coming soon , not for the better
    BECAUSE... Who makes more money on a gallon of gasoline. Good guess, its the government !!!!!!!
    Because of Special Interst Groups and because the government are in a bind and way behind an their looking to make a deal so, they can pay their bills!!!

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