How do I use QIP 2005?

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    1 Answer  I have decided that mister cide has had 1 goon of cider to much and has had to leave without so much as a cheerio,,""

    country bumpkin

    Keep knockin' them down Terry, and let's hope Admin doesn't pull this sort of shite on us again.
    terryfossil 1

    I have noticed CB,there seems to be an increase of advertising in the profile page,,it is like the people doing it do not know where to put the advertisement..which is not a bad thing..>>>>>>><<<<<<<..
    country bumpkin

    There are so many advertisers whom seem to slip through the loops unnoticed. I don't want to be a mod but I do wish I had the key to get rid of all the advertisers because there would be none of them left or certainly fewer than their are now. Terry, I still plan to answer your email but I haven't had the time. Busy Busy Busy! :)
    terryfossil 1

    That's okay CB,i gotta put in some time erecting a shed under my verandah,,i bought it from aldi,,their directions are crap..but we will get there,,>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..
    country bumpkin

    I like Aldi. We save so much money when we shop there but we started having our groceries delivered to us from Asda approx a year ago when I damaged my arms and can no longer carry our trolley up the three fights of stairs.
    Don't you live in a retirement home? How come you have to build sheds and stuff like this, doesn't this come standard?
    terryfossil 1

    I certainly do CB,and i will be officially retired on the 24th of may and on a is only a little garden shed,it is a 2 bedroom home with flower gardens and passionfruit vines out the back.the village grows some things and we grow some things ourselves..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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