How does it feel to be "An American"?

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    It used to be great, but times have changed. Being American is a blessing, but our leaders have been running it down for the last 8 years. People with "astronomically low IQs" tend to support the sabotage.


    only since the last 8 years, huh. Amazing how that happens to coincide with President Blackenstein's (credit to Bill Maher) tenure,

    Like a downhill skier.

    I do yes, sometimes I don't agree with what the leaders of this great country do, maybe get a little upset, and make a mental note for the next election. When election time comes around I exercise my constitutional rights and vote. I try to stay informed on the issues and vote for whom I believe have the countries best interests at heart.

    Sometimes the problem is, that you have to choose between two or more crappy candidates. That's when I remember where they stand on the issues and vote the best I can. There are a lot of freedoms in America that so many other countries don't have, even as basic as the right to vote. So even though America can look bad to the rest of the world sometimes, there are many, many times when America and its people do great things.


    A big tumbs up !

    Been to 37 different countries in my life time and NO OTHER country tops the US. NONE

    Simply GREAT!

    There is insufficient room in this box to respond intelligently. Suffice it to say that being an American is a gift. How fortunate for those of us who were born in the USA. The freedoms of this society are multiple and varied. The opportunity to live freely with only minor restraints, to practice one's religious beliefs, to be employed in disciplines freely chosen, to become educated in a chosen profession, to freely travel, to appreciate our varied cultures, and certainly the appreciation of our founding fathers who with God's hand, crafted the Constitution by which the people may live freely and without the fear of government intervention. Such freedom is God given and not earned. Shame on anyone who is arrogant enought to think otherwise.

    There many wonderful nations, and I have been fortunate to visit several. Surely I would find value and enjoy living abroad, but in the end, America is home.

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