Why is this idea : "that taxes are not legal",where did this idea come from? Is it true,(not that it will change anything.) , and where in "The Constitution of The U.S.A can the answer be found?

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    I have a similar question from a few weeks ago check it out, just click on users go to leeroy, click, and you can take a look on my list of questions. It is a really good topic for discussion!

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    I am not positive but I have heard that the law was years ago that only a tax collector could collect taxes. There are people that believe that we are not suppose to be paying taxes to anybody other than a tax collector. So all those taxes we pay at stores and other places are suppose to be illegal. I have also heard that it is also illegal for states to enforce a drivers license. The way I understand it is there is a list of laws and some of the laws have never been removed even though they are out dated. This is where I think all this is coming from but again I am not positive.

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