How do I contact the American Embassy in Nigeria?

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    Oh yeah, I'm sorry to hear that man, but unfortunately you fall in to on of those multi million dollar scams that hapens to thousands of people around the world, it happened to few people that I knew, and my sister almost fall in to it but I stopped her. One thing I know you are not going to get your money back!!!
    Because I heard the story when this reach guy got scamed for lots of money he actually hired a private investigator to go find them but everybody came in to dead end, the address they gave you in Nigeria is incorrect and names are stolen idenity!!!
    Good Luck!!!
    Please explain your self more, are you Nigerian citizen or American citizen? and why are you trying to contact the embassy?
    I get at least five financial proposals from Nigeria every day ... as well as some from some other countries. All are scams. Officially, you should complain to your local police and to the FBI regarding internet fraud; you might also consider Interpol. You can also complain to the Nigerian embassy in Washington, DC. Most likely, you will not recover any money.
    Here's a link to the embassy's website. If you are trying to call them, remember there is at least a 5 hour time difference between, for example, Nigeria and the United States' Eastern Standard Time.
    I am an American Citizen and I have been scamed out of several thousand dollars.

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