If obama wont secure border , who will ?  This is ironic.

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    Prayers DO get answered, don't they!  

    That is incredible footage; it's a little worrisome (another Grand Canyon in the making?), but ironic is definitely the word to best describe it!


    Rather poorly, if they DO. A 1-mile crevice for a 2000-mile border ? ;-)

    So, your expectation is that if you were to pray, and God really existed, your prayers would be answered exactly as you want want something, and immediately, if not sooner?

    If He exists and is as great as you say He is, I would expect nothing less. Evidently, you and all other believers don't share this same level of expectation.

    Of course your level of expectation. God isn't a genie in a bottle, waiting around to grant your every wish.
    My parents didn't give me everything when I demanded it, and, chances are, neither did yours, or you for your children, and certainly not me for mine. Why on earth would you think that God (who I believe is our Heavenly Father and creator) is supposed to give us everything we think we need when we snap our fingers?
    I know you can shoot holes in faith blindfolded, but I'd like to know who led you to believe God was supposed to be "at your service" like a limitless credit card you didn't have to pay?

    A limitless credit card ? No, most expenses are frivolous anyway. But how about this "trivial" request that I made at the tender age of 11 ? My father was hospitalized with lung cancer and a few days before he passed away (his condition was,unbeknownst to me;terminal) my mother gathered my older brother and I and led us through prayer to San Pellegrino, patron saint to cancer patients ( again, unbeknownst to me at the time).We all tearfully prayed for a safe and successful operation which was forthcoming. He died a few days later. As a young RC, I was angry at Him for "ignoring" my "credit card expense approval". As I matured,I came to what I believe is the obvious,rational conclusion. Tragic events happen. They just do. Had his disease occurred in 2014 instead of 1970, he'd very likely survive it.Medical science has come a long way in half a decade. I'll be damned, however, if I'll credit God for the medical breakthroughs that have resulted from scientific investments, bankrolled by ordinary taxpayers like you and me.
    BTW, my mother was as pious a women as you'll ever meet and you certainly couldn't accuse us of praying out of personal convenience. She paid her religious dues. I learned that on that day, at least, God had other, more pressing issues to tend to.

    PS: I have not, nor will I ever, order San Pellegrino bottled water from a waiter.

    That is a tragic story; losing a parent at so young an age, and without knowing the severity of the illness would make me feel as though I had been deceived by those who might have been honest with me.
    Did your mom forgo her faith after your father's death? It sounds as though she remained "a believer", so I wonder what she told you when she knew how angry you were that God hadn't answered your prayers.
    And, with absolutely no disrespect of any kind, I wonder still why you think every prayer should be answered the way you want it to be?

    I've never felt that I was deceived. I knew things were very serious, so not a huge surprise. She did remain true to her faith, as misguided as it seemed to me, right through her final days, when cancer came calling (again)some 18 years ago. My renouncement of God was not a public declaration. In fact, I don't quite recall there being a precise moment when I decided that it was nothing but pure folly. No doubt, this tragic event was instrumental, at the very least. There were no tantrums that merited a spiritual explanation or justification (AKA excuse)
    Finally, your last question could be construed as being offensive, were it not for your disclaimer and the fact that I never get offended;-) Why would I think that every prayer should be answered the way I want it to be ? Well, maybe a 2000-mile crevice to fend off the Mexicans would be asking for too much. But an 11-year old with a 39-year old mom, an elder brother aged 18 and a 2-year old sister, who simply wanted their god-fearing dad to be around a little longer...NO, I don't expect Him to answer all prayers. I DID want Him to answer THAT one.

    It will never make sense or be ok, I can sympathize with this completely. I've a few "whys " of my own.
    Thank you for talking straight with me, digger.

    Cute article. I just don’t see HOW Obama can secure All the borders in the US.  We have Mexico and Canada plus whoever can sneak in via boat. That’s an awful lot of space to cover. Perhaps we need to consider something else. I have no suggestions at t his point………...


    But do you think we need to do something?
    Don't you think Canada and Mexico might be just as interested in keeping out terrorists and illegals as the United States purports to be. A collaborative effort might work ...

    @Bob...The problem is collaborate WITH whom AGAINST whom? Terrorists are everywhere and travelling everywhere and by every means. The Canada/U.S. border was "tightened" after Sept.11th and still, the bad guys cross over both ways.

    Pay some Mexican generals to keep people from leaving mexico.

    Good idea, zorro. About Mexico but what about Canada? And the sea?

    Don't know about that.

    Yeah, I know. Let’s think about it……...

    We can scrutinize all borders all ways and they can still use airplanes and boats. Bad guys always figure "a better way". I just know that EVERY country wants to keep terrorists out! But how? I hope that Canada and the U.S. don't start "fighting" (each other's ideas) but rather, work together.

    Holy Frackin' Cracking...looks like those frackers are all for making the planes across our invisible southern border a bit more challenging as this little crack grows into something like the Grand Canyon.  

    I believe the realistic approach to protecting the borders is quit making our side of the boarder so inviting, quit reaching in American citizen's pockets to fund illegals.  Stop the pandering, they will quit coming here and the trouble makers will go home on heir own. Won't need borders.  Some wish not to speak of the the two deputies that were killed Friday 10/24/14 by an illegal that was let out of prison before sentence was completed and deported twice. Probably going to be deported again. and he will sneak back in and kill again.  You don't find this on mainstream liberal news.  You would have to go to FOX to find it.

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