Do you feel like slapping anyone today?

    #ifeellikeslappinsomebodytoday #nowthatsludicrous

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     I don't think she likes the frog he pulled out of his pocket.


    Naughty boy.
    country bumpkin

    He tried, at least he took his hat off. :)

    His cheek must be REALLY sore by now!

    What's so special about today?I feel like that at least once everyday.


    Apparently, it comes once a year. I just learned about it (lol!).

    SLAP.??? only girls slap..for me it is more of a,,left,right uppercut...i was born angry,then between 30 to 55 i mellowed..but from 55 to 63 i have got angry again,,trouble is i have that many metal parts in me,,punching people out is not a feasible option..Always nice talking Clonge..>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<

    Every day!



    How about the Salmomd guy Ted,??

    Him too!
    He'll be gone soon!

    Every day!      LOL!!!


    What have i done now??

    Oh you're fine....for the moment. :)

    I just got back from the food bank after watching one woman trying to cut ahead in line, wanted to knock her lights out…….



    Today, yesterday, tomorrow.  My sister, her spawn, one of my sons.  

    Today, though, there was someone new.  As I was driving on the highway, as the Bozo behind the truck tried to cut in front of me, the truck suddenly veered into the same lane as the speeding car....two of them trying to run me off the road at the same time.  Fortunately, the Bozo and I were both able to veer into the next lane without running someone else off the road. 


    What exsaclty is a Bozo Miss Bob,??

    Bozo the Clown is a clown character very popular in the United States, peaking in the 1960s as a result of widespread franchising in early television.

    Originally created by Alan W. Livingston for a children's storytelling record-album and illustrative read-along book set and portrayed by Pinto Colvig, the character became very popular during the 1940s and was a mascot for record company Capitol Records. The character first appeared on television in 1949 starring Pinto Colvig. After the creative rights to Bozo were purchased by Larry Harmon in 1956, the character became a common franchise across the United States, with local television stations producing their own Bozo shows featuring the character. Harmon bought out his business partners in 1965 and produced Bozo's Big Top for syndication to local television markets not producing their own Bozo shows in 1966, while Chicago's Bozo's Circus which premiered in 1960, went national via cable and satellite in 1978.

    The most notable performers to have played Bozo, aside from Colvig and Harmon, include Willard Scott (1959-1962), Frank Avruch (1959–1970), Bob Bell (1960–1984) and Joey D'Auria (1984–2001). Bozo TV shows were also produced in other countries including Mexico, Thailand, Australia, Greece and Brazil. Larry Harmon claimed that more than 200 actors have portrayed the clown.

    When I say BOZO, I refer to a clown, sometimes defined as "someone who does stupid things; someone of little value". The makeup and wig on this moron give you the image of an entertainer; like many words, "clown" has more than one definition. I mean no disrespect to entertainer clowns.

    A bit like we call a Pratt over here i guess,


    A big Smile,

    Right back at you! :D

    Hector, so that's why they call falls in comedys, " pratt falls " I always wondered

    I have managed my anger by not accepting annoyances in my life. I thought a social worker could help until I realized that I can't talk about national secrets with a social worker. 

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