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    the reason he was fired is he wanted to nuke nth. korea,the us govt thought this was a little radical and dangerous so they recalled him back to the states. don't americans do history in school.
    No he was very good, just ask the German and Japanese Generals. The problem was he didn't accept orders to well from Truman. He didn't like politicians, or them being involved in his wars.
    Yes, an excellent leader. If Truman didn't fire him during the Korean War we wouldn't have a NORTH KOREA with nukes right now.(my opinion) If you ever get a chance, visit the MaCarthur memorial in Norfolk Virgina. The General and his wife are interned there. Its fascinating.

    and we'd have a war with communist China which would have been worse. Remember, Truman was Commander in Chief of the armed forces and he was in WWI so he knew what he was doing.

    I think you meant WW2 notWW1 gary.
    I have always thought the title of Commander in Chief was just automatic for your President, not really a Military position?
    Mc Arthur was a good leader, we Aussies saw a lot of his work he was based here in Brisbane. The building is now called Mc Arthur House.
    No true military man wants any government leader sticking his nose into military matters that the pollies know bugger all about. Takes a soldier to know a soldier.

    The US will NEVER win another war because of the spineless Democrat Party here that is more concerned about winning political points than what it takes to win one. What they said and did to GWB while he was in office was nothing short of treason in my eyes. Now Obama (democrat) gets the US involved in Libya and you don't hear a single word from the cowards.
    right on leeroy. he wouldn't follow orders from Truman and Truman hated generals. He thought they were over rated and more.
    I heard he wasn't much good and that was why he was fired.

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