Angry and frustrated! I was driving and came upon a red light, which I stopped at. Passing in front of me was a girl, about

    16 years old, who appeared to be texting. She did not pick her head up once and she was already in the middle of the street. I blasted her with the horn; she looked up at me and I pointed to my eyes, meaning "LOOK!" She pointed at the green light which she had. I knew she had a green light because I had a red one....DUHHHHHHH! She just didn't get it. There could've been a driver texting while she was crossing,  a possible recipe for disaster. Maybe another driver could have been having some kind of attack or was otherwise distracted. What, if anything, would you have done?

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    Besides fines if insurance rates were tripled for people texting or their kids this might slow down! Money costs will probably be the only thing to reduce texting!

    I don't know what can be done. I see it here every single day. The police can't be everywhere so I think that fines, wherever texting/cell phones are involved, need to be immediate and uncomfortably high.

    Despite a $380 fine & the loss of 3 demerit points you see it everyday here.It's not uncommon to count 3 people using the phone while you are waiting at a red light.I think the phones should be confiscated when they are caught.


    They would just go out and buy another one probably.

    I'm with you and the horn blasting.  Someone I knew years ago would have let the car slip forward just enough to bump her dumb a**.  Yep. 

    People walk around campus with their noses in their phones.  I see them coming and continue straight at them, if that's my line of movement.  So far, no head-on collisions, but it could happen.

    It is irritating, irresponsible, and really stupid to assume everyone will stop just because you have the green light.  And the pedestrian has the right of way here, too, just like the tenant who destroys a rental and doesn't pay his rent....or the mother whose child is born loaded down with meth or opiates...."what are we going to do to help poor mommy get better so she can take home little drug baby".  Now you've got me on a roll.............


    I like it when you're on a roll. Keep going! LOL!

    Too much homework today! i'll be back.

    On another topic. I taped the Price Is Right yesterday, because I had to go out while it was on. I ran the tape very slowly every time the camera went to the audience. I'm pretty sure that I saw you and Julie. You were wearing red, Julie was wearing white and she was on your left. You were also just behind or very near to a couple of young guys in grey t-shirts. Am I right?

    Yes, Ducky! That was Julie and Phyllis. I nearly drove Julie crazy with all the screaming we were "ordered" to do. Do we look like we are having fun??

    Well how cool that I actually spotted the two of you. I never watch that show but I made a note to catch it when you mentioned the date that it would air. Yes, you looked as though you were having a blast! I still have the tape (PVR actually) and now that I know for sure that it IS the two of you, I'll take another look. So, if you feel as though you are being watched, it's just me. :)

    Is this segment available anywhere on the internet? (TPIR)

    No idea. I doubt that entire shows are available.

    Ducky, we are both much better looking in person, I'm sure.
    Clonge, Julie can give you a reference to see the show, but remember, we are much better looking in person!

    You both looked good on camera. Had you taped the show yourself?

    Ducky, no, I didn't tape it. It wasn't the most memorable of experiences, except that I was with a good friend. The only other show I've been to was "Tony Orlando and Dawn", flying to LA from Eureka with a college friend who swooned whenever Tony appeared on the screen. One of the school's soccer players looked a lot like him; and when he and a couple teammates started a team for the women, we both played. It was fun; he never gave her a second look. :(

    Ah, the days of our youth. :)

    It's open season on pedestrians around here.

    Gone are the days when (particularly young ) people walk along the street with there head up, and with a smile say good morning.


    I notice that too sunny. I like to shock them and say "Good Morning" while they're so busy texting their friends that they are wearing that blue shirt today. :)

    SHE had the light. I’m on  her side. I’m hoping she did look before crossing though. The law is on the pedestrian’s side around here. The driver should be paying the attention……….



    The law is on the pedestrian's side here too. Regardless, every pedestrian should look both ways before and when crossing the street. There are just too many distracted drivers and a driver can have an epileptic seizure, heart attack, stroke, be arguing with a spouse, just not be paying attention, be under the influence, driving without a license because he/she never had one.... If this idiot was hit by one of these, I'm sure she'd feel a whole lot better lying in the hospital knowing she had the right away. Forgive me for venting but I'm still ticked off.

    You are right but I did write that I assumed she DID look. I look, I don’t trust, I will wave a car ahead of me rather than go just because they say I can……..

    Everyone, drivers and pedestrians, should be aware of their surroundings, at all times. I could have been hit by a car at least 3 times in the past couple of years, except that I glanced over my shoulder before I started into the cross walk. I had the light but cars seem to enjoy racing with walkers for some reason.

    She had the light, but that doesn't mean every driver stops for a pedestrian. I see Clonge's point as being to be conscientious and aware of your surroundings no matter WHO has the green light. My friend and his girlfriend were killed by a guy who thought it was OK to run a red light. Happens every day.
    terryfossil 1

    JH, let me give you a story on who has the light,,i was heading down the coast,i stopped at a red light pedestrian walkway beside a bus,my light turned green, i took off,then a brain dead,dumb ***.scatterbrained skirt..stepped out from behind the bus,the bus seen her i could not see her,i yelled at her to get her nose out of the phone,,she looked up and gave me the forks and went back to her phone and continuing to cross the street, the trouble is if i hit the dumb bird,i would probably be in the wrong as well as worrying about hurting the stupid girl...Sorry about the rant,but the memory still angers me..Always nice talking JH..>>>><<<<<

    That happens all the time now, Terry, IF the pedestrian even bothers to look up. As the driver, that would have scared me silly and put a damper on my day, just because. Last night a gal walked across a commercial driveway without looking. I came really close to blasting my horn just inches from her hefty behind, just because...

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