Ebola, do you believe the hype? 

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    We have the same thing here (Canada) every year about getting the flu shot. I don't get one and according to "the hype", I'm living on borrowed time.....20 years now of spending lots of time in public places during flu flu!
    Is Ebola more serious? Who knows? Reports are conflicting!




    Maybe you're protected by your down? Consider yourself LUCKY not to have contracted it. If you have certain risk factors, e.g., age, compromised immune/respiratory systems, it can be deadly. Even if you're in excellent health with no compromised systems it can be deadly. Here's how devastating the flu can be:

    LUCK? Or maybe being extremely disciplined about nutrition and regular exercise? I've heard somewhere that both of those are good for your immune system. What a concept!

    Oh,, I believe all the hype, people like the dramatics. I’m not afraid of catching ebola or West Niles or aids or the flu myself but there are the masses who panic at the drop of a hat!



    Another topic for CNN to analyze, twenty four hours a day, until something more "dramatic" comes along.

    Now jhharlan, you are just too brave.

    Media sensationalizes everything, they feed on public fear and sponsors don't care how they do it, just get as many viewers as possible to see our commercial.  Many people blame republicans or democrats for lying but in reality, media spins truths and they become lies targeted at pleasing a particular market. 

    As for the ebola, I don't buy into the hype but on the other hand, it's not to be ignored and say it will go away as soon as the next news story goes viral.

    Those that say its nothing to worry about should ask themselves if they would allow their children to be proximity of a possible ebola threat.

    Those that get all hyped up should slow down and look at the stats. You have a better chance of being hit in the head by a falling rock in the middle of the ocean.

    Personally, I prefer listining to all the obama scandals, much more entertaining.  Funny that attention to politics was totally taken over by ebola, right before elections...makes you think..Hmmmm

    Remember the Black Death (Plague) ? Ebola may pose the same threat.

    Grit Savage

    like Aids, Bird/Swine Flu etc etc, it just seems very convenient for a large health scare at the moment. when you consider how many people are killed by other people each year, ebola seems almost friendly

    In Chinese medicine having an illness is normal, provided you recover without much difficulty. Their emphasis is on  health as the road to a speedy recovery. I know their stats are maintained differently than ours but considering their numbers they certainly have done well so far. 

    The number and variety of potential viruses seems to be endless. But avoidance only works until a recovered patient turns up alive and breathing to spread their antibodies among everyone else. Of course medics like to refine the serum down to a pure antidote without all the other oddities that may be swimming in patient zero's bloodstream and test the result on a captive audience.

    The news media is completely free  to inspire interest, fear,  self and global panic and terrorize everyone with the fearful barrage of news about the dead and dying from this tiny little collection of atoms that self-replicates  in us killing everyone it grows in. The disease simply seeks food and reproduction and we are on the menu. Medics seek to find that one thing the disease wants to eat more than me and kill it by toxic overload or find a way to put the invader on the dinner table for cells in our bodies to see as food.

    I like my view more than the Star Wars version the News media likes to clean our clocks with. 

    I'm afraid of the flu. I was in the doctor's office a couple of days ago and a woman was COUGHING AND COUGHING near me. I didn't want to leave. I finally asked for a mask. I had borderline flu one time. It was terrible. You can get a shot to lessen the effects of the flu. I will definitely get one of those if I start coming down with the flu.

    I have moments of being afraid of Ebola. It is much worse than the flu. 

    Yep, they've scared me.

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