How long do you have to wait after being refered by your GP

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    It depends on where you live and how many specialists are available and how influential your GP is. In my area in Canada, it can take two months for one specialist (assuming it's urgent) and more than a year for others. A friend of mine recently saw a specialist and had been waiting for almost two years because her GP did not think it was that urgent (so she found out later). He had the ability to get her in to see this specialist in less than a year, had he chosen to do so. There seems to be a lot of "work" behind the scenes.

    With my plan, you don’t need a referral, just $40…..

    Public health system ? Don't hold your breath.

    I got in to see a Cardiologist the day after I was referred by my Internist.

    I was diagnosed with Heart Burn and it was just kind of embarrassing. My internist yelled at me because I had not gone to the ER when I first felt the pain. Tums cured my burning pain almost immediately.

    Read about Heart Burn. It's fairly easy to know when you have it. However ... you just never know. Be prepared.

    UK, up to a year. Here in France a week or two.

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